Recommendations for a main folding wheel

I don’t have much space in my apt. I have an Ashford Traditional, which I love but it takes up too much room.

I am looking for a smaller, preferably folding used wheel that is versatile (I like spinning novelty, thinner and some thicker yarns with different kinds of wool. Basically whatever whim I take, I spin.

This wheel is to be my main wheel. I have looked at lots of reviews, but lots of them are dated and refer to the wheels as a secondary wheel that you can travel with easily. I just need a small one for space issues.

Any recommendations? I was looking at the Louet Victoria, the Ashford Joy, the Lendrum Upright (though, these seem to be hard to get). Price is definitely a consideration for me.


Although I haven’t done it previously, this seems to be a unique circumstance and I will recommend that you seek advice on, a (free) membership organization of over 2,000,000 knitters, crocheters, SPINNERS, weavers, and dyers from all over the world.

There are many spinning forums on Ravelry (I belong to several, most of them as a lurker b/c I’m very new to spinning), and you’ll be able to get up-to-date information on these and possibly other folding models of wheels.

Hope it works out for you!


I’ve only used the lendrum original. It’s a double treddle and it moves easily, but if your more interested in space i would suggest trying a drop spindle.

I attended a fairly large spinning event today in Livermore at the Retzlaff Winery. It was sponsored by the Treadles2Threads Guild in Walnut Creek; maybe 200 or so spinners attended. There were maybe a dozen vendors.

I’m pretty sure I was the only person there with a Louet Victoria. I’m renting it for a week–it’s going back without a renewal because neither I nor my spinning instructor could get any take-up going, even with the tension set very high. The flyer just didn’t want to take up the fiber, even when it was fully twisted and ready to be swooped up onto the bobbin. For the kind of money this wheel goes for ($895?!), the bobbin should definitely be ready to take up the twisted fiber when I let go of it. :mad:

OTOH, there were several spinners there with Ashford Joys. Some of these wheels were “old” Joys, according to their owners, who were happily spinning away, making beautiful, even, well-twisted yarns on them.

I saw one or two Lendrum Originals (upright wheels), but their owners had walked away when I passed by, so I didn’t see the wheels in action or get to ask any questions. (I still don’t have a wheel of my own here at the house.)

Ravelry has owners’ groups for all of these makes of wheels: Louet, Ashford, and Lendrum. Join the groups and ask questions of established owners; maybe there will be some points of distinction among the different brands that’ll help you make a decision based on criteria in addition to price. :cool:


Definitely the Kromski Sonata. Folds up nicely. It has a very sturdy square base … no wobbling going on. The standard ratios & bobbins allow you to create all but the very bulky yarns … there is a Jumbo flyer/bobbin available for that.

I’ve had my Sonata for at least 5 years and still love, love, love it as my main wheel.