Recommend yarn for a cardigan?

Hi all - I am planning to attempt another cardigan this fall. Last year I made the Central Park Hoodie, and it turned out well, but I do wish I had used a better yarn. I used Wool Ease, and it was OK, but like I said, I wished I used something better that had more body.

So, what is your recommendation? Here are my criteria:

  1. Worsted weight
  2. Something with body, not limp
  3. I prefer something washable, but I can be persuaded otherwise
  4. Not scratchy
  5. Not too expensive. I’m willing to spend more, but not $$hundreds
  6. I like heathers/tweeds, but this is not a requirement

So - what do you recommend?? Thanks!

My first thought was cascade 220 quatros, but they are not machine washable. I am working on a sweater with it now, and when I try the sleeves for length, I keep thinking I’ll want a long-sleeved tee to wear under this one - that might be scratchier than you’d like.

For more body, you might try a heavy worsted yarn knit more tightly for a worsted-weight pattern. That tends to make a garment less limp.

Cascade 220 comes in superwash, and knitpicks has Swish, a superwash merino.

Scratchy is one of those things that’s varies from person to person. I find some yarns scratchy that others find heavenly. We can give you ideas, but if you can get to a yarn store that would be the best way to ‘feel’ it for yourself.

Good points, everyone! cftwo - I wondered about a “heavy” worsted. For a while I’ve pondered the Knitpicks City Tweed (it’s Artlady’s fault!) I just picked up the sweater pattern today (it’s the cardigan on the cover of Vogue Knitting that I want to knit, and it just went on sale). I’ll look to see what the gauge is like.

I would recommend Encore Worsted, a medium priced, wool/acrylic mix, that comes in a wide range of colors, including tweeds. I have used this for several items and really like it. It machine washes well.

Well, I’ve tried a couple of different options for this one (knitted up a couple of swatches), and decided on the Cascade 220 in a denim blue (heather). I went to the LYS and spent an hour with the owner who was wonderful. I decided that it’s just fine if I can’t throw it in the wash (how often would I wash a cardigan?)

So now I have to wait a week until it comes in. Thanks all for the input.