Recent FO's

Here’s some christmas fo’s

Feather & Fan scarf for my MIL


A Squirrel dishcloth for a friend at work


Washcloths for the girls at work for Christmas. My SIL’s each got a set of them as well


Ooooo, fun stuff! I like the fan pattern on the scarf. And the washcloths look fun when they are all together like that with all the colors. Nice job on everything!

Lovely dishcloths. The scarf is beautiful :slight_smile:

:yay: Everything looks great!

Wow, those looks great. I love the scarf. The girls at work will be hooked on those dishcloths. Fantastic gifts and work! :thumbsup:

Great job on EVERYTHING! Love the scarf - one of my favorite patterns! I’m sure your dishcloths were well received! They turned out wonderful too!

Wow…you were busy! Great work on each project - I’m sure they were appreciated. :hug:

Oh wow! You have been busy! What a great variety of knits! I really love those dishcloths! I like the shape and pattern! Like a diamond!

The feather and fan makes a really nice scarf, doesn’t it?