Received my DPNs!

I ordered some DPNs from last week and received them today. I’m so excited. I’m going to play around later with them and see if I can do them well enough to do a pair of socks.

She has some really nice bamboo right now. I got size 6 and size 7 (good for the thicker yarns). If you were me and you wanted to get some smaller sizes to try some fingerweight yarns later, what sizes would you get? I’d like to order from her again and I want to get them before she sells out of them! Just wondered what sizes are more common with socks! Thanks!


The price was so good I ordered like 5 or 6 sets I think!

depends on how tight you knit, but usually for fingering its 0 - 3 US

im using a 2 and i think i need to go down to 1 in order to get a tighter knit for fingering weight.