RECEIVED! Interweave Knits Spring 07

THANK YOU!!! Got the pattern I wanted. I’m SOOOO thrilled. Now I just have to get some other items finished and off needles so I can begin attempting this one.

Actually, it is one pattern (cable down raglan sweater) out of this issue that I’m hoping to put on my “to do” list as my first cable project. Anyone have or know where I can obtain this pattern or a copy of this magazine?


I think they sell back issues, have you tried that? Sorry I don’t have the issue myself.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Hi Lu!

Good To See you!!![/COLOR][/B]

Hiya! Got the sock yarn? Send me pics when you finish. I’m almost done with my Rainy Day Socks!

BTW Astonh…you can get that Spring issue here.


I love the look of those Rainy Day Socks! But I have not ever knitted socks. I’m afraid to even think about it. So complicated.


I have the IK in this thread :slight_smile:

Socks are eaaaaaasy! Besides, you gotta learn! It’s addictive. Oh, I guess you’re not the one I sent sock yarn to eh?!? LOL! Check out Knittynewbie’s list, she has an easy sock book for trade. I made my first with the help of Silver’s sock class. Here is My first sock KH thread.

I have an extra copy of it, I’d be happy to send you. I ‘thought’ I didn’t have it and ordered a back issue. The day before it arrived, I found my copy. :frowning:

Let me know…