Did you ever think more on submitting your leopard print spots for a pattern? If not are you going to? If not… would you consider posting your scarf pattern :angelgrin:

Several people and companies have asked for the pattern for publication…I chose to leave it as is…something I whipped up for my sister and you are certainly welcome to it :wink:
The pattern is a :wink: breeeeeeeze, my friend, and I will certainly give it to you :smiley: ! Although…that is my 1st ever attempt at knitting with the duplicate st, as you can tell…lol!! And in all actuality, the spots should be smaller and closer together, but i was on a big time time crunch…the deal is my sis asked me if I could ‘design’ (so this is my 1st design…lol!) her a scarf to match her black ski outfit and she wanted leopard spots in it. You can really tell that she doesn’t knit!! I wanted it to be quick and very warm so I did it on circs…I had never even heard of double knitting at this time…lol. And I happened to have som 12" addi circs from another project (love them!!). And I worked it in the round all the time trying to figure out how i was going to get spots on it…I had not worked with intarsia or fair isle…okay, this is when I found out that intarsia ‘in the round’ is not an everyday thing…lol! And my fair isle just wasn’t working bc it was 1st time working with it & it just didn’t look good…so I ran across duplicate sts in a book I have on knitting pillow covers…thus…the duplicate st. The beauty of this scarf is that you can adapt it to ANYTHING!! holidays, someone’s profession, a teacher (you could do all sorts of things in duplicate st on the scarf for a teacher!), kids…the possibilities are endless! I’m just going to copy & paste what I have in my pda : leopard scarf
4 balls woolease wheat
1-2 balls woolease black
1 ball woolease mushroom
1 ball dk gray woolease
size 8 12 inch addi turbo circular needles

c/o 70 st
work in st st for 72 in
b/o 2, next 3 sts make I cord repeat around entire bind off edge of scarf, making I cords at different lengths for attaching pompoms
pick up sts on other end of scarf then follow above bind off; I cord instructions.

work ‘leopard spot’ pattern in duplicate stitch on each end of scarf for 5-6 in. with black, mushroom and gray

to finish block I cords, then attach multi colored pom poms (I used 11 medium and 3 large on each end)

block scarf without sewing ends together


FYI…CJ is my sister!. Now, if you have any questions…don’t hesitate to ask, it’s very simple, I recommend using 12" addi circs; but I’ve found that most people don’t like to work with them bc they are so short…but they work like a dream when working a scarf in the round! I will admit that making the pom poms took a bit of time…lol! And, it’s not very easy to put your hands up in the scarf to work, which is why I stopped at around 7 or 8" (I think) I was going to go all the way up the scart in a wavy motion…but decided that having the decor on each end was plenty…lol! I also chose not to seam the ends bc the ICords & pompoms have more motion with it left open.
Another thing, if you really want the leopard spots…or whatever you want as your ‘theme’ to pop, when knitting, use the main color or colors incorporated in the knitting with fair isle and then come back and do some other colors to highlight it & this will really make the design pop!
I’m very :cheering: :cheering: pleased that you like it :smiley: Have fun.
AHHHH, you can tell by the choice of yarn (not that there’s anything wrong with the yarn that I used, still have some) that it was before I discovered my knitpicks…LOL! Of course, as much as I :heart: :inlove: :heart: KP, they don’t have the color that was needed for the body of the scarf.
have fun :smiley:

Do you still have a picture of it? I just went through 20 pages from the FO thread… only to find out you had deleted the picture :wall:

you can see some pics here and I have others still on my computer

Beautiful thanks! :thumbsup:

PS I love the colors for Sally’s sweater! I found out I can’t cloth my new dog. She has panic attacks if she has clothes on. Poor naked girl must freeze in the winter :frowning:

You are certainly very welcome :smiley:
You can do something like this for your pup and I know that I have seen other links…I’ll have to look around.
Thanks about Sally’s shirt…that is what was going to be her ‘belly’ shirt but I wasn’t using a pattern and did the sleeves too tight and I didn’t measure Sally correctly, I wanted it to be a tad loose…but this was too loose for her…she’s low to the ground u know!! So, rather than correcting the problems & adding the pompoms & decorations, chalked it up to experience and I know what to do for winter :wink:

My God, Rebecca… I LOVE that scarf. You are SO talented… :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: ~for you~

[color=indigo] :smiley: Thanks so much Aby, aren’t you a sweetie! :heart:
OK, I wanted to say something about my scarf of which I am sure is an unwritten rule and I fee ‘funny’ saying it bc u are all my friends…but this, I guess is for those that may see the pattern & pics & want to make them his/her ‘own’. I’m not certain of the legalities, but I do ask that whomever uses it (with the additional ideas, even) that you please not publish it as your own design. This is what I had been asked for by some companies, the scarf pattern and the ideas about the duplicate st for various holidays, professions, animals (dogs, cats), etc. that could all be available for whatever type of scarf that one may want to make. I’m very :blush: embarrassed writing this here bc we are all friends, but, as I said, it is for those that may just be looking around, etc. AND I don’t mean to sound ‘big-headed’ or anything bc ya’ll know that I am not at all like :blush: that!
The reason that I didn’t sell to companies it bc some of you had shown an interest in it long ago (it does need refining…my 1st ever duplicate st!) and I took the pattern & pics off; then felt badly about it & never allowed it to be published…but didn’t want to put it back up unless it was asked for bc, once again…didn’t want to sound conceited :blush:
Ya’ll are great!! :heart: ya!

Ya’ll please tell me that I didn’t sound like a :blush: pompous jerk!

No at all! :inlove:

so does that mean we won’t get to see a pic…? :crying:

Carmell, I posted it up above, 4th post down, but I will be happy to do it again :smiley: ! You can see it and a very few of my knitting projects bc I’ve not had my digital camera very long and I must confess that I also have given away many knitted items since I’ve had my camera…and didn’t take a picture…lol!! But, in my defense…I’m trying to remember to take the pictures; of course…trying is certainly not always doing :oops: …lol!
Anyway, you can see it here

:oops: i sort of missed the link! thanks for posting again!

that scarf is gorgous!!! i have got to learn how to do that. i love leopard print. :heart:


OMGosh, KK, I haven’t gotten mine yet…how do they look? I’m so :blush: nervous & :happydance: excited to see!!! :smiley:
Glad ya’ll like my scarf…allow me to reiterate…that’s the very 1st time that I did duplicate st which is why it’s not very neat! But…I’m very :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: happy that you like it :smiley:

They look BIG and LOOPY and FUN and FANTASTIC! I mean its a big PIC, not that the sock looks too big…

Why on EARTH, Darlin, do you keep apologizing about a scarf that everyone keeps DROOLIN over? :roflhard: If it was a mess, no one would want the pattern! Its GAWGEOUS!!

I don’t know why I do that…I have been told for a zillion years, (well…I’m not quite that old…LOL, but I feel close sometimes :roflhard: :roflhard:)
Anyway, I have to learn to take a compliment & not get all embarrassed, etc. I apologize for being like that… :roflhard: :roflhard: see, there I go doing it again…I just need a bit of the mental help now and again dahlin’…lol!!! Or just the kick in the pants will do or a friend to say…
‘Will you just STOP THAT, now?!’…thanks KK :wink:

Oh, I must get a catalog, send it to Rebecca and get it autograph. I’ve read that she’s doing autographs.

Ditto on the autograph…do you think she charges!!! :wink: Way to go Rebecca!!! You know how proud we all are of you!!