REBECCA! KP Sock Yarn Question

Hey, Becca, oh Sock Queen Extraordinaire…

Which of KP sock yarns is the softest and/or most appropriate for a baby ensemble??

Im considering THIS pattern. Cute, huh??

Inquiring minds want to know, why are you wanting to use sock yarn for a hat?

Its the self-stripeyness of it. Doesnt it make a cute hat??

Yes, it’s a very cute hat! I was just wondering…now it makes sense. Who would want to do all those color changes? Not me!

I did a child’s hat using self-striping sock yarn and it was AWESOME!! (Sorry, I don’t answer your question but just wanted to add that sock yarn is great for things other than socks!)


I’d use Simple Stripes from KP. That way it will look great and be machine washable too!

I love it that the pattern is in double-knitting!
It’s really cute!

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


The Simple Stripes and Dancing & solid color, Essential and Parade (self striping, but more of a sport wt) are all that are machine washable. Of those the only ones that I have are Self-Striping & Dancing…I would go for the Simple Stripes…berry, berry soft & yummy for baby! Sorry, I don’t have the others that are machine washable. I do have the all of their other sock yarns (Memories, Landscape & Garden), but I’m very sorry to say that they are all hand wash :frowning:
Self-Striping is way soft & has very cool for baby colors :wink:
I :heart: :inlove: :heart: that hat!!!

THANKS everybody! As long as the simple stripes is SOFT, then Ill go for it…

Is anyone aware of a bootie pattern that uses sock yarn?? I dont remember seeing one on knittingpatterncentral, but then I wasnt looking just at gauge.

I quickly found these but haven’t got time to look…gotta cook supper for my sweetie.
Simple Stripe yarn is very soft :wink:

OMGoodness…dont you worry about it! I can look for fingering weight patterns, Rebecca Darlin!!

Need more help…if you had NO CLUE whether baby was going to be a boy or girl, what color Simple Stripes would you choose? Vineyard, Autumn, Crayons or Sweet Tarts? Mom is a fairly “down to earth” fashion conscious, upwardly mobile professional type.

Crayons strikes me as the one that could go either way. It’s brighter, too.

I happen to have some Crayons, Vineyard & Autumn on hand; from looking at these 3 in person…I agree with Ingrid. Although, I really like Sweet Tarts and would have gotten it, but they were sold out. I think Sweet Tarts or Crayons. How about this…have u any idea how she is decorating the nursery…primary or pastel colors?! If she is going with primary I think she would like the Crayons and if she’s decorating with pastels I think she would like the Sweet Tarts… :?? …what’s your thought on that approach?!

crayons crayons crayons!!!

(have i ever mentioned that i love bright colors?)

Oh, I love brights, too!! They are bright, too…I love the yarn…it’s sitting in my big box o’ sock yarn waiting on me & the Sock Sabbatical which comes after the long project list is complete. I was just having sock yarn fun when I opened that big box to feel that yarn for KK…ahhhhh, yarn ecstasy :heart:

Looks like she has Winnie the Pooh stuff on her registry… I think that’s somewhere in BETWEEN primary and pastel. :??

Maybe Sunset matches that set best???

i think sweet tarts matches that set pretty well.

Yeah…I think you’re right…I also emailed her sister to ask about room colors. Although, who says the hat & booties have to match the room? IM SOOOOO CONFUUUUUSED!! :frowning:

wellllllllllll ya know if the hat and booties match the room the baby could get lost! :wink: baby camouflage ya know! :smiley:

i don’t that the hat and booties needs to match anything but each other.

THIS BOOTIE PATTERN will be cute with stripey yarn, wont it?