REALLY unsure which size to make

I want to make this tank. The sizes, however, are really far apart. Finished bust sizes 34 5/8", 41" and 45 5/8". My normal bra size is 36D. At first I was leaning towards the smallest size. My bust is kinda big but the rest is me is a bit smaller. I wouldn’t want it to end up too tight in the bust but I don’t want it too loose on the rest of my body either, especially not too loose at the armholes.

My gauge was dead on with a size 4 needle and Shine Sport from knitpicks. I’ve start out on the 41" size but looking at it on my needle, which I’ll admit is very hard to tell especially since I only have about 1.5" done, it looks like it is going to be too big. I don’t want to get so far into it before I decide if it’s too big or not, the ribbing takes me quite a while (and the whole thing is ribbed…egad! :shock: ) and the 41" size has a cast on of 248sts so it takes a while to get around!! I’m not into wasting time :lol: .

What would you do?

I’d make the smaller one and add in some short rows if you think the bust will be too tight.

But, that’s just me. :wink:

:thinking: Have you taken a bust measurement? If I remember correctly, bra band size is underbust measurement plus 4-5" and cup size corresponds to the difference between your bust and underbust measurements - I think a D cup is 4". If I am remembering things correctly, I would calculate about a 35-36" bust measurement. This is close enough to the small that I would go for that. I also like the short row idea to give you a bit more length on the front so the bottom hangs evenly.

I measured my bust and it is almost exactly 36" around over the fullest part of my bust. Ya think I should go with the small?? And how would short rows work over a ribbed pattern? I’m a bit anxious about that part of it although I love the idea of working some short rows.

Now, if you had finished your Starsky you’d know, since the collar is done in 3x3 rib and with short rows. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :rofling:
Neener neener.

hehehe. I’m kidding, kidding!

Seriously though, it wasn’t a problem at all. I’ll be completely honest and admit I don’t know exactly how/where you’d place them, but it was a good idea. :rofling: :thumbsup:

I would probably go for the small. It might pull a bit across the front, but the M/L will most likely be big and baggy all over.

As for the short rows, I think they will work fine since you are not actually changing the number of stitches across. I would probably tweak them such that the turns are either all on knit ribs or all on purl ribs, as I think it would get confusing otherwise. You can find various guidelines of how deep to make them online, but I would think a 1.5-2" dart would be good for D cups. (I did 2" recently for my D/DD) Hope that helps!

Thank you both. I know, if I’d finished my Starsky I would know already, right?? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Knitty has a good article about adding short rows, I think I’ll refer to that when the time comes.

Your suggestion of making all of the short rows land on knit ribs or purl ribs…is it okay when doing short rows to skip stitches in between? :thinking: For instance if I did two short rows landing on the K2 (of K2P2 ribbing), then skipped the two purl stitches, then did the next short rows on the following K2, would that be weird and wonky?

And by the way, I took what I’d done of the M/L size off my needles but did it carefully just so I could see how big it would have been. It was REALLY big, I’d glad I decided to rip it. It was too big even with the ribbing not stretched out at all.

When I have done bust dart short rows, I have usually done in groups of 5 stitches left unworked on either side. So when doing ribbing I might alter groups of 4 and 6 stitches instead of doing 5 every time. Does that make sense?

I did short rows with tubey in the ribbing pattern. It didn’t present any problems at all.

Hildie, if you see this…did you have to do anything differently when short rowing in a ribbed pattern? Did it matter if you landed on a knit stitch or purl stitch when you turned?

It didnt’ matter to ME :-)) … I looked at the sweater a bit ago, and I think that as long as you make sure to pick up the wrap, it won’t make a difference.

Maybe you could try a swatch?

What a great idea!!! Thanks Hildie! :smiley:

we know how I love swatches. :rollseyes: :smiley:

Yep same as everyone else, I’d do the small and throw in some short rows for shaping =D

KQ, what was the ultimate decision?

I’m about an inch away from where I need to place my short rows - that’s about 7 more rounds of 212sts so I could conceivably be doing the short rows yet tonight, but I think the smart thing to do (which you suggested, my dear, and I haven’t done yet!) is make a swatch to see how the short rows will turn out with the ribbing. So that’s what I’m about to do. It’s going to be a very [size=2]small[/size] swatch! :wink:

Okay, a question about short rows in the round. I’m assuming your Tubey was in the round, Hildie?

I did my little swatch, but I did it flat. I did 5 wrapped stitches on each side, it worked fine, blah blah blah, but then you know how you go back over and work the stitches with their wraps and all that. If you are working flat, you do one row on the right side, pick up those wraps, then on the return wrong side row you pick up those wraps. So two final rows to finish off the short rows and close the gaps. If you are working in the round, can you just go along and pick up the wraps on the right hand side (as worn) of the garment, continue on around the back (instead of turning) and when you come to the wraps on the left hand side (as worn) of the garment, pick those up and then continue on your way?? In other words, none of the wraps will be picked up and worked from the wrong side of the work?

Hmmm… tubey WAS in the round, but by the time I got to the short row part I was working flat, because the back “shrug” part was so long.

I think doing it that way would work… I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t. :thinking: Will the pattern be totally ugly and unwearable and horrid looking if you left the wraps there??