Really thick wool yarn?

I am trying to find a source for really thick wool yarn. I want to start on a sweater which is similar to one I saw in a mall:

However, all the LYS have only worsted weight yarn, in medium sizes and smaller. Where does one find yarn this thick? You can easily see the yarn and stitches in the picture.

Would I have to ply multiple thinner yarns together to come up with something like that, or does anyone know where to get some (soft) yarn for such a sweater?

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Lamb’s Pride comes in a bulky weight, and I also think there is a brand at Michael’s that is pretty bulky. You may have to hold 2 of the Lamb’s Pride together to get the guage in that picture though.
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You can also get bulky Reynolds Lopi, but it will be itchy. And you can check out Rowan Big Wool.

Yes, they do. It’s called Burly Spun. It uses size 15 needles, if I recall correctly and I have seen a sweater made in it. Very nice.

Waterspun Weekend by Classic Elite is a big, thick merino wool that is slightly felted. Because of its single ply construction, it does tend to pill.

To check out what’s available, go to and click on “Super Bulky.” You’ll get a list of pretty much all the available yarns in that category.

Twinkle Soft Chunky
Rowan Big Wool (and Big Wool Fusion)
Cascade Magnum
Blue Sky Bulky

Webs is having a huge sale ( and they lots of bulky and super bulky yarns on sale and really good prices.

This site has an excellent price for the regular Lamb’s Pride bulky (not the Burlyspun, just regular LP bulky, which knits on US10.5 needles)

Hi Samuraiwarrior,
Some other yarns you might want to look at are:
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Plymouth Yukon, and Noro Kureyon. If this doesn’t help go to I hopes this helps.

You could get some of lionbrand’s “big” It’s a super bulky yarn that would be perfect for your project and It is soft. No it’s not gourmet yarn but it would work. KP (knit picks) also has some super bulky stuff too. Both are reasonably priced.