Really silly question!

Ok so I’m still trying to do the kate scarf! rrr. Can’t even begin to knit because, well, I have casted on with two strands of knit…got that far, but what do you do with the leftover yarn that you cast on with, I have like a ft. of yarn just dangling there and I can’t begin to knit because its in the way of my leader yarn…so can someone please help me so I can begin this project :doh: Its a cold snowy day and I’m ready to knit knit knit!

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Just move it out of your way and knit, girl! After you get a few inches done, if it’s still bothering you, weave it in, then trim the end off.

After you’ve cast on you don’t need the tail any more. Just cut it down to 4-6" so you can weave it in later…or if it really bothers you…just weave it in now and you won’t have to even think about it any more.

Don’t know how to weave it in…hm…

You just use a yarn needle or crochet hook to pull the yarn back and forth through the edge…like sewing.

Forgot there was a video :doh: for weaving ends! Go to Duplicate Stitch

I recently read Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “knitting without tears”. She stated that she knits the all the tails in with her regular knitting (except when changing colors).

I have a terrible habit of picking up the tail instead of the knitting yarn by mistake and knit away happily until I mysteriously run out of yarn in the first row.

Since I have started knitting with both the tail and the knitting yarn, no more of those mistakes and less weaving in the tails. I do make plenty of other mistakes and am The Frog Queen, I have to keep reminding myself the only way to get good is to “keep on knittin’.”


Good point…I like to do that too, but sometimes on thicker yarn it doesn’t look so good.

well…i cast on…knitted a row…some of my knits are tighter than others though, haven’t really learned how to control this, this in and of itself took forever! Then I was trying to do a garter stitch so I turned it around to start knitting again on the other side and two of my loops fell off, and now I don’t know how to get them back on…and there is just this half inch loop dangling off the end… now i’m frustrated… :thinking:

Your stitches will become more even with practice. One good tip I received was not to try to tighten the stitch after you knit it. Just let it come off the needle and move on to the next stitch. As far as replacing stitches, Amy’s videos on fixing mistakes might help…I don’t think she addresses it directly, but the one on fixing a dropped stitch might help…she shows how it is supposed to be oriented on the needle, etc.

thanks…everyone on here is helpful…however, the video for dropped stitch doesn’t really help me because i’m at the end of one needles with nothing on the other, her video shows you how to put a stitch back on when your in the middle, you know? I guess I’ll have to wait until I can take a class, but I don’t want to do that because classes don’t start again until january 9th. :frowning: I’m a bit compulsive so once I get started on a project I reallly don’t like to put it down until I have a grasp on it…then I can take breaks, but right now I can’t even get to my second row of stitch.

Well, if all else fails, you could just rip it out and start over. People at LYS are ususally very nice, you could take it there and ask them how to put it on. You reall should try just putting them back on the needle though if you can see the loop. Even if a stitch gets twisted, it won’t really show.

That’s what I do. For the same reason, Carol. I was constantly picking up the tail and knitting half a row and realizing that I ran out of yarn. :roflhard: I usually knit about 5-10 stitches with the tail then drop it and clip it off. Just remember when you do your next row that you will have some “double” stitches that you need to knit as one or you will increase your stitches (not that I have done anything like that :wink: )