Really Easy Jumper Pattern

Hi , after lots of scarfes and a blanket, I really want to make my son a black baggy jumper, and hopefully a bigger one for myself, still cold here in Scotland and its Summer lol

But I cant find one on the internet, its got to be for free (4 boys taking up all my cash)

Does anyone know where I could find one

Thanks for any help, esp from my son , who now going through a “Im a goth and want to play the drums stage” and hes only 11 oh dear lol:)

Have you tried Knittingpatterncentral ? That is a site that accessses a lot of patterns from the internet. Another site I found recently that is good is Drops Design. Check it out. They have a lot of free patterns. Something must be easy there. :slight_smile:

No I havent seen those sites yet, Im off to check them out now
Thanks, and I let you know if I find one that doesnt totally baffle me lol

[COLOR=#552867]one here that I think could be the easiest ever.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#552867]here is one similar in childs sizes [/COLOR]

:woot:Knitting patterns I can understand :woot:

Thanks these are ideal to start on:woohoo: