Really basic, what am I doing wrong plea

I have bought myself some big chunky wool and needles so I could practise the basics, I have noticed that my knit stitches only have “half a scarf” as opposed to the full scarf a la Stitch and Bitch book. I have been trying to do seed stitch and it looks nothing like it should so I am wondering if my knit stitch is wrong, I have followed the video on here and I think I am doing the same - anyone any ideas please.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Is the scarf not long enough?

Seed stitch is k p k p k p k p k p
k p k p k p k p k p all the way across. If you end a row with a purl, start with a purl. If you end with a knit, start with a knit.

Are you doing ribbing by mistake? That will give you a striped affect

Ribbing is k p k p k p k p
p k p k p k p k . If you end a row with a knit, start with a purl and vice versa.

Sorry not very clear was I. In the stitch and bitch book and on the videos on here it talks about how to tell the difference between knit stiches and purl stitches when you are looking at them on the needle. The purl stitches are supposed to look like they have a wool “noose” around their necks and the knit stitches are supposed to have a “scarf” around them. Well my knit stitch only has a "scarf " on one side - please see attd page from stitch and bitch book, its the image on the right hand side of 2 stitches on a needle

You are doing fine, dakirk…a purl stitch IS the backside of a knit stitch.

Let me describe it this way. Knit stitches look like little v’s. Purl stitches look like little bumps. The back of a knit stitch is really a purl and the back of a purl stitch is really a knit.

When you work in stockinette stitch, which is knit one row, purl one row, you will get all the v’s on one side and all the bumps on the other side.

You mentioned seed stitch, which is k1, p1 across the row. If you knit a stitch in stockinette stitch, it will curl up. You’re probably being told to do seed stitch in the beginning rows and on the edges of the scarf to prevent this. (I don’t have the S&B book, and can’t really see it well in your pic.)

So if you are doing seed stitch initially, it will look pebbly. When you switch to knit one row, purl one row, you’ll see all the v’s on one side and the bumps on the other.

I am in the process of teaching myself how to knit. I wandered across the site here and fell in love with the demos and recommended it to all my knitting friends.

My issue is… that I saw the videos on the difference between the knit and purl stitch. (like the person above).

My stitches have the noose. However I’m not doing the purl stitch. I’m doing the knit stitch. I’ve done several scarves this way and wanted to learn to do the ribbing, but I can’t because my knit is a purl and I don’t know how I’m doing it wrong.

I have some pictures of one I’m working on - just a plain knit pattern, but you can’t see the nooses…

Now… could the knit have a noose instead of a purl because I’m doing garter stitch?

This is my regular stitching also - the only I know with size 7 needles. it’s a garter stitch - i know the difference between garter and knit is that you flip the work, correct?

Does the garter stitch have the noose? I watched the video but could not tell b/c the material was white and there was a bit of glare.

please help. want to progress with my skills a little bit and embarrassed I’ve been doign it wrong all along!

ps. it has the noose on both sides, not just one side.

If you knit every stitch of the work, you are doing a pattern called garter stitch. It looks bumpy and ridgy on both sides.

If you knit a row, turn, purl a row, etc. You are doing stockinette pattern. One side will have lovely V’s (that’s the side on which you knit), the other side will be bumpy (the purl side).

If you are doing seed stitch, again it is bumpy on both sides, but you have done a combo of kpkpkpkp then pkpkpkpk so it looks different from garter.

Your purple and black scarf looks like a lovely garter stitch scarf, to me. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, you just have your terminology kerfluffled.