Real Men Knit

I don’t know if anyone has seen this but I thought it was really cool.

I found this one too but the hosts are stupid. Hello these guys are crocheting!

Loved the first one, the second one was painful. LOL!

I SO wish my husband would show the slightest bit of interest in learning. Men who knit are HOT!

I bought the DVD. It’s great!


I kept wanting to smack the announcers on that second one…

This one is pretty good as well.

Check out The Manly Art of Knitting.

“what these men do is crochet. They are closet knitters.”


My grandson Sam, is showing great interest in learning to knit (he’s four) I think he marvels at what Nana can make for him with a peice of string and two sticks. I always let him try, and he loves it. I hope he still shows interest in the future.

I’ve been meaning to order that DVD but have just never got around to it.

How wonderful! I loved watching it. I wish more men would knit.

As a new-ish guy knitter, I think one of the turn-offs for guys exploring the possibility is the lack of patterns and pattern promotion for ‘guy things’. Case in point: I’ve been getting the ‘pattern of the day’ from for about 2 months now. I have yet to see a single thing for a man.

Someone will post that a new knitting e-magazine is out with great patterns. I’ll quickly click over to find lace shawls, purses, etc.

Recently on another post Knitting Guy was looking for belt patterns…quite a few suggestions but most of them decidedly non-masculine.

Or look at available sock yarns and notice the color schemes: How many fit well enough into the masculine profile that a guy could wear them with a business suit or even dress-casual.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT Mr. Rambo. I’m a gay man and not afraid of my ‘feminine side’ (whatever THAT may be (grin!)). But I dress within what would be considered ‘male parameters’. I don’t have any interest in wearing ‘girly’ things.

Personally, I dream of getting to the day in my knitting where I can design patterns. But until that point, I’d encourage all of you who currently knit and design to give equal time to the ‘boy side’ of things. Knitting is great hobby, but it can become really frustrating for a guy trying to knit for himself.

Please don’t read any of this as insulting to the female side of knitting. Many of the things are beautiful, as are the women who wear them. But I’m a guy and I wanna knit and wear guy things.

Okay, enough of my rant. I appreciate all of you greatly. This site is my #1 go-to place to get my questions answered.


[COLOR=Black]Well said scubasinger. I think knitting should be appreciated by ALL people. Not only has knitting been denigrated as a “woman’s” art but saying things are for either women or men limits us all. We need more people to publically cross those boundaries and make it acceptable for everyone to appreciate all skills for everyone. :cheering:

Speaking of patterns for men, looks like there will be a male-oriented Stitch’nN Bitch book coming out in the fall:

That was awesome. TFS

I can imagine that would be really frustrating. Even as a woman there are a lot of patterns out there, most of them really, that don’t appeal to me at all – too girly.

Interesting point. I actually haven’t knit much for myself. I tend to knit things that are interesting to knit without taking into account who is going to wear them. Eg. the purchase I’m most excited about lately is the Victorian lace book that just came out. I want to knit lace because I’m interested in it and when I’ve done it I have a sense of pride about the craftsmanship. I’ve enjoyed knitting booga bags, other felted purses and shawls for that reason. Some of the other male knitters that I know feel the same way. One told me that he never knits sweaters for himself but likes to knit them for his nieces.

BTW. This thread somehow reminded me of my days as a nurse. Patients would say “Oh you’re a male nurse” as if I had had some different kind of training. Or they would say “Do you know so and so? He’s a male nurse too” Like we all got together every month to go over our adventures as male nurses.


COOL! Can’t wait till that comes out :cheering:

:teehee: I know what you mean. I think it’s great that guys knit, but I generally don’t post to new guy knitters saying “WOW you’re a guy knitter that’s great!” because I don’t also post to new female knitters saying “WOW you’re a female knitter that’s great!”

I agree with the boy who says, “When I started knitting, I didn’t think it would be so fun.”

“I’ve met a lot of grandmothers who are very curious…I think first they check if I’m really a boy and then they’re curious about what I’m actually knitting” the one man says in the first video. :teehee:
I love the Irish music in the background.