Reading the pattern. Have you ever had a problem reading a pattern? I never seeem to have problems doing the pattern but reading it correctly is an issue. I started my wedding collar and got stuck in rows 3 and 4. I played with it thinking I was doing it wrong as it didn’t look right. I think some authors do it deliberately because they want you to contact them. After ripping several attempts and trying it my way I put it away and went onto my knitting which is going fine. I went back to it and did some math in my head and read further into the pattern and started again. My reading the pattern was off because they combined row 3 and 4 and gave a total of dtr stitches and loops. What they didn’t say was at the end of row 3 there would be 3 ch lps and 4dtr and at the end of row 4 there would be 4 ch lps and 4 dtr. There was a turn that tripped me up and wouldn’t have if the combined rows had more information. SHAME on the Authors!!!
Now I am moving along and having fun! I hate it when I have trouble reading the pattern because of their wording.:???:

I doubt it was done deliberately, a pattern designer wants their pattern to be as clear as possible. It was probably a typo where they forgot to enter a return, or if it was printed in a magazine or book, could have been the editors.

There are many reasons a pattern can be a problem and I really don’t think anyone does it on purpose. Some are translated, some are from people who’s first language isn’t english, and human error such as typos and fatigue or other people editing.

I was grumping a bit. I do know that part of the problems is the authors fault as they have lack of control over the final printing. I was doing a doily pattern and did contact the author and the wording had been changed and the original wording by the author was easier to understand. I don’t have problems doing the most difficult patterns except when the wording trips me up.