Reading yarn size or weight

I received to HUGE balls of Bernat cotton yarn for my birthday!! whoohoo

But I don’t know what the weight is?! On the upper left hand there are a couple of pictures the first one being Medium (4) would that be yarn ply? I kinda understand looking for patterns using ply and weight.

I haven’t been able to do any projects since my fingerless glove, so this was a defenate bonus!

Number 4 is a worsted weight yarn. I found that site, it might interest you.

That’s a great gift. Enjoy.

In the US, plies are not used as weight, but to indicate the number of strands. However, the 4 in this case refers to a medium weight yarn. See this chart.

Thank you ladies! You would think a google search would have brought that up!! I book marked it!

One is dark earth green colours while the other is lighter(on the pastel) green colours! I am hoping to find a pattern I like to make something out of them!

So okay I give up, I’ve tried finding some easier patterns for me to do something with this yarn and really nothing comes up, It’s Bernat Handicrafter cotton. I’m not that skilled to make sweaters with it just yet. Any suggestions…I have way more then enough toques and scarves and such. Is it easy thing to change over some pattens to this? or is it just usable for tea towels and dishcloths?

Thanks much for any suggestions!

What a fanstastic birthday present! Why not continue to look on places like Ravelry, Pattern Central, Knitting Pure and Simple and some of the manufacturer’s websites? On Ravelry (free to join) you can do an advanced search for patterns using your yarn weight and yardage.

You can make summer tops, baby blankets and bibs with it. A baby sweater is small and might be a way to learn how sweaters are put together. A top down raglan is easiest, there’s no sewing needed.

Thanks for the ideas ladies, but as for baby stuff I don’t have babies, no one I know has babies…and no one is going to be having babies anytime in the near future.

This is the one I found that looks relatively easy for me to do, and the same colours too! how awesome is that!

I had asked a question but found the answer in the pattern.

That’s a cute pattern and shouldn’t be difficult to do. If you run into a problem, you know where to come for help. Enjoy!

[B]I have a question about this pattern

Next row: K4. K2tog. knit to last 6 sts. Sl1. K1. pssp. K4
Work 3 rows even. Rep last 4 rows twice more.

Now my question is …what does work 3 rows even mean? and what last 4 rows twice more mean?

Thanks much![/B]

It means work 3 rows in the stitch pattern (looks like stockinette or garter) without doing decs. The 4 rows you repeat would be the decrease row plus the 3 plain rows. After you do them once, do them again twice more for a total of 12 rows.

[B]Ahh gotcha thanks, Suzeeq!![/B]

I have another question when it says continue even for 14 inches, is that from the first set I started? or is that from the last set of stitches I just finished? because if it’s from the last set of stitches…that kinda seems rather long?!

Probably means until the total length is 14".

The “next row” in your pattern is a decrease row.

“Work 3 rows even” means to do the next 3 rows in the regular stitch pattern – with no increases or decreases.

“Repeat last 4 rows twice more” means to do 1 decrease row and 3 rows even. Then ANOTHER decrease row and 3 rows even. This would mean 8 rows total for this section.

hope this helps,

Rep last 2 rows to 35 (37-39-41-107-121) sts. [COLOR=“DarkRed”][B]<----Okay I did up till here[/B]
[B]Sizes 48/54 and 56/62 only: 1st row: (RS). (K1. P1) twice. K2tog. Knit to last 6 sts. Sl1. K1. psso. (P1. K1) twice.
2nd row: (P1. K1) twice. P2togtbl. Purl to last 6 sts. P2tog. (K1. P1) twice.
3rd row: As 1st row. 4th row: (P1. K1) twice. Purl to last 4 sts. (K1. P1) twice.
Rep last 4 rows (9-11) times more, then 1st and 2nd rows once. (43-45) sts.[/B][B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]<----This I assume I ignore the intire section because I am doing 44/46[/B][/COLOR]

All sizes: Leave rem sts on a st holder. [B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]<— Do I pull off my work so far and put on a stitch holder?[/COLOR][/B]

Neckband: With smaller needles, cast on 4 sts for left shoulder. With RS of work facing, K35 (37-39-41-43-45) from front st holder. Cast on 3 sts for right shoulder. K35 (37-39-41-43-45) from back st holder. 77 (81-85-89-93-97) sts.
Work in stocking st for 2 ins [5 cm], ending with a purl row. Cast off loosely. [B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]<— I am now lost?![/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]Is the neckband separate and I have to sew that onto the neck?[/COLOR][/B]
Sew neckband and side seams.

Yes, ignore the section for “Sizes 48/54 and 56/62 only” since you’re making another size.

Slip the remaining sts off the needle and onto a st holder or you can put the sts onto a piece of scrap yarn that has been threaded through a tapestry needle.

The neckband is attached to the sweater at the front and back when you knit the sts off the st. holder. You’re casting on some sts for the left shoulder, then knitting the held front sts, casting on for the right shoulder and knitting the back held sts. This neckband is open between the cast on for the left shoulder and the back sts so you’ll have to sew a seam on the neckband to join these two sections.

[B]Could I leave the stitches on the needle and knit from them to the smaller needle?

So I cast on the 4 stitches knit the 41 sts. cast on 3 more
knit the next row?

and the 7 extra stitches will be knit into the second row? or do I knit them as I go?

Would it not look funny as it would leave 3 rows knitted and not in the stocking sts?

Thanks much![/B]

Cast on the 4 stitches knit the 41 front sts, cast on 3 more and then knit the back 41sts. All the sts will be on a single needle and you’ll knit 89sts on the next and subsequent rows in stockinette st. If you want to leave some sts on a needle and then knit them onto the smaller needle for the neckband, that’s fine. The cast on sts will work along with the picked up sts just fine. Use something like a cabel or knitted cast on here (see videos under Cast On if you need to see the cast ons).


So I thought I finished this Tank…just to find out that it seems I am 5 rows short or to long on one side…now should I rip the whole side down and restart… or can I just do the block ? and stretch it to the size?