Reading patterns

Hi out there!
I am very new to knitting but am eager to learn all that i can. I have only completed a few basic projects; scraves, roll-up brim hats etc. I would very much like to knit a pattern that i have found. Its for a lace wrap. My question is…how do i read the pattern??? I’m used to reading the written instructions and the triangles and circles are all a blur to me. Help, please!
Lost in lace…

A link to the pattern would be very helpful when asking questions. :thumbsup:

It sounds like you are referring to a chart. I’m not experienced with them, but here’s a few links that might help.

Charts have a symbol key that explains what they mean. You read the odd rows from right to left and the even rows left to right. In the round, all rows/rounds are read right to left. This it because the chart is a diagram of the pattern as seen from the RS, so you read it the same direction you knit.

I am trying out a pattern called Seascapes from Thank for the links ; i will give it a try!

This one?

Now there’s a challenge for a beginning lace knitter, as the chart seems to be in many parts. The notes for the symbols on the main page seem quite clear.

It might be a good idea to do a simpler, repetitive lace project first to get used to working from a chart before going for this lovely pattern. On the other hand, if you use this as a learning project, you are ready for any intermediate lace patterns.