Reading charts in the round

i’m new to the forum, but need help please - when knitting in the round and using a chart, do you always read right to left, or does it switch like normal?

And, by the way… KellyK has a GREAT butt! :eyebrow:

In the round, charts are always read right to left.


thank you very much, i’m just starting a tank from knitty and wanted to make sure!

Ingy… that’s my Kate from Chix!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hi Chixie Kate!! :waving: :waving: Welcome to the forum!

[size=1]Kelly–did you erase all the bad stuff you said about her?[/size]


thank you…and just so you all know…kellyk added that comment about the butt - not that i’m disagreeing :happydance:

Prove it! :stuck_out_tongue: