Reading charts in round

I think I know this, but I’d rather confirm before getting there, since it’s my first time using charts.

I know that charts are usually read:

Row 1 - from right to left
Row 2 - from left to right and reversing symbols.

Since this is in the round, I assume that I will come back to the right to start reading for round 2. Is that right?

That’s correct and if it gives you purl instructions, you’ll knit instead.

You would purl only if the chart was written for knitting in the flat. I’m making the Pomatomus socks now and the chart is written for knitting in the round so I just read from the right every round.

I’ll double check, but I’m pretty sure it was written for knitting in the round, since it’s the Rhombus socks pattern.

Thank you both!