Reading a scarf pattern - running out of stitches?

Hello, everyone, I’m a new knitter. I have practised all the basic stitches and now is my first attempt trying to follow a pattern by myself. But I’m having problems doing so and have had to undo and try again so many times (without success)!

and here is what I don’t understand:

  • I cast on 45 stiches
  • I start from the bottom right hand corner:
    K2TOG: so I take the first two stitches and knit them together

the next thing is YO but I have already taken the “second stitch” in the K2TOG I just did…so I kept going and then I ran out of stitches before I got to the end of the first row.

I know I must be doing something fundamentally wrong but I just don’t know what… :??

Thank you in advance.

The yo creates another stitch. As you read the chart, read it at face value. Don’t think that since you did a k2tog you need to account for the next box. Just read each box as is.

So you’ll k2tog, put the yarn in front for the 0 box, and knit the next stitch (the next box) and that will create the yo stitch. Then move your yarn in front again for the next yo. So when you see an 0 in the pattern, just move the yarn forward. That’s that box. The next box is the next stitch that you knit.

That’s reassuring. I will try it again! :doh:

Thank you.