Reading a pattern question

If a pattern says to “Work 1 (3) rows even in St st.” (My pattern needs to be the 1 row choice)-- If I knit one row --then I don’t have a St st --does it means for me to knit and then purl for one row of St st. but don’t I then have 2 rows? Does my question even make sense?

Later in the same pattern, it instructs me to " Work 2 rows even in St st." Same question – Do I knit one, purl one, knit one purl one, for two St st rows or just knit one, purl one =2 rows

By the way I’m working on the SnB Candy stripers messenger bags. I


If it says to work one row in st st, then either knit or purl the next row, whichever will maintain the stockinette as it’s been established.

Later on for the two rows, again, just work for two rows in the pattern as you’ve been doing.