Reading a lace pattern

I have a pattern for a great pair of knee high stockigs and I have never read a lace pattern before. It is a pattern from the book “sensual knits” by Yahaira ferreira. In the pattern it says that needle one is supposed to have 24 stiches when the toe is complete. But the next step is what confused me. The pattern that I have to follow left me with 8 extra stiches and I am not sure if I was reading the pattern right or not. There is a bol box around the center stitches of the pattern grid and I am no sure if that means something. If any one could help it would be greatly appreceated.
-20nknittin(and a bit confused)

When there’s a box around some of the sts in the chart, you would repeat those across the round, and finish with just the sts at the end.

this still leaves me confused. When I repeat the box I still have three stiches left. I tried repeating it twice but I was one stich short. Maybe you could clearify a bit more on what you mean by knitting it across the round. Or try and word it differently. Thanks!

give us the instructions for the round and maybe we can figure this out. We know you should have 24 stitches on the first needle. What does it coall for on the next round for the first needle?