Reading a chart (which direction am I going?)

I’m making a sweater from [I]Fitted Knits[/I], the one that starts on p. 106. The instructions for starting to follow the chart make no sense to me. In case you don’t have the book but want to take a crack at interpreting, there are 2 charts, A and B, set up side by side. So row 9 looks like this in the chart (where o = a blank box, and all the x’s would be a big x that covers 6 stitches):

ooxxxxxx 9 xxxxxxoo

chart a chart b

The sweater is knit in the round, I’m knitting right to left, but I’m supposed to knit chart a first and then chart b. Huh? Well, I started with the K2 of chart a, then the 6 cable sts of chart a, P6 between the 2 charts, then the 6 cable sts of chart b, then the K2 of chart b. [I]But[/I] the 2 resulting cables twist in the [I]same[/I] direction, instead of being mirror images of each other. In the photo, the model’s hair obscures some of the cabling, darn it. But if I follow it down lower on the sweater, it sure looks like the cables should be twisting in opposite directions, which is what I’d expect of a pair of cables down the front of a sweater.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do any of you have this book, and do you know what’s going on? If all else fails, I can visit the author’s Web site and prob’ly ask her, but I thought I’d “use the force” first. :stuck_out_tongue:

What might be 'causing it to come out different is that when you read a chart going in the round you only read from Left to Right. You may want to try that and see if that helps :thumbsup:

Which sweater is it and I could try ravelry/google and see if anyone has had issues with it :think:

But I am reading the chart left to right (see the sequence I described above). The sweater is called Alexandra ballerina top.

It occurs to me, though, that the problem can’t be about the direction of reading the chart. The legend for the chart says the same for both chart A and chart B: Sl 4 to cable ndl, hold to back, k2, k4 from cable ndl. Well, if the sts are always held to the back, then the cables are both going to twist in the same direction instead of being mirrored as the sweater description says they should be. For mirrored cables, I would expect one chart to say “hold to back” and the other to say “hold to front.” Right?

That’s a good idea to Google the name of the pattern. I’ll try that.

Charts should be read from right to left however. I don’t know if there’s something different about this pattern, though I did read about one (can’t remember its name) where the stitch chart is read right to left, but the color chart left to right.

Aha! I just discovered that there really is a mistake in the pattern. In fact, the author has posted a page of errata for the whole book on her Web site. It never occurred to me to check the Web before I start knitting to see if there’s an errata sheet. Anyway, for this particular sweater, chart B has been corrected. So all I have to do is frog half a round and I’m good to go!

FWIW, in all the chatter I found for this sweater, not one person who had knitted it even mentioned the mistake in the pattern. Weird.

That’s pure evil.

Ok, when I read I’m knitting right to left, I thought you might be working the charts wrong. I did look the sweater up on Ravelry and seen that it has link to the designer’s sitefor an Errata…also others on Ravelry say it’s full of errors, however others seem to have made it with no issues. If you are on ravelry you may want to research what others have said and use their notes to help you :thumbsup:

Thanks. I made that same discovery, that there’s an errata list (see above). Well, it’s still an awfully nice sweater, so I’m going forward with it.

OK, I’ve got the official corrections, but I’m not convinced these are entirely correct, either. I e-mailed the author of the book, who directed me to Ravelry (she’s away for the weekend and can’t look at it until she gets home). However, I’m not on Ravelry, and the wait period to get on it is 2 days. So I’m hoping maybe someone here who’s also on Ravelry could help me out. The pattern is called Alexandra Ballerina Top, from the book [I]Fitted Knits[/I]. The corrected chart for the second cable shows 2 sts put on the cable and held to the front. The chart for the first cable shows 4 sts held to the back. The author says some of the cables have 4 sts crossed, and some have 2. Yes, but in the same row?? The cables are supposed to mirror each other. I’m guessing that a cable that crosses 4 is not going to mirror one that crosses 2.

If any of you have the time and are on Ravelry, would you like to check and see if there are more corrections (other than the errata sheet from the author’s Web site)? Thanks in advance.

Here’s the errata page for the book -
I don’t know if it’s in there, but here’s a portion of a post someone put on Rav
"the mirrored cables, ‘cable b’ go like this: [B]Slip 2 to cable needle, hold to front, knit 4, knit 2 from cable needle.[/B]
and the full width one:
[B]Slip 2 to cable needle, hold to front, knit 6, knit 2 from cable needle.[/B]

Hope that helps…