Readers Digest-Complete guide to needlework

I just found this book again in an old box. I was surprised at how much information is in here! Does anyone else have it? Do you like it? I can’t wait to delve into it and try new patterns and stitches!

I’ve heard very good things about it, hang onto it and refer often.

I bought this massive book on needlework (I think the same book) at a second-hand store for cheap, I agree with above, keep it!!!

Yes, it is a keeper! Got mine ages ago and really have used it. linknit41

I just found one the other day at the thrift store for $1.99…looking forward to using it… Becky:knitting:

I have one, just lent it to a friend cause she was wanting to learn crochet and is left handed (apparently it has left handed instructions…)

I stole mine from my mom…

I just added it to my amazon wishlist :oD

I don’t have it but I have heard good things about it. Apparently it has helped lots of successful knitters get started.

It does have left and right handed knitting/crochet. It has instructions for how to make all types of sleeves- even an aran sweater! It has a pretty much everything! Pages of how to make certain stitch types and how to adjust sizing, really everything that one needs to know at sometime. It even says why knitting should have a crochet hook! :slight_smile: The only problem with it is that is smells old! LOL!

It’s been on my wish list too. I just bought it for cheap off eBay.

It is available at for $1.02 + $3.98 shipping. Just type in Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlework in the “title” section.

I have it; it’s a great book!

It’s 75 cents plus shipping at, that’s a 1979 edition, don’t know if there’s a later one. Half also has the Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook for $4.99 which is actually the one I’m thinking of and it’s newer. It’s supposed to be excellent.

I have this book and it is fantastic. I think its best if you want to design your own stuff and need help with getting some pattern to it. I’ve used it a ton of times when a pattern calls for stockinette or garter, or something plain and I want to spice it up with a more detailed pattern.

It seriously has like 500 different patterns that you can use. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

This book is probably the first one that I’ve ever owned. Mine is from the early 70’s. It has been invaluable. Back then I mostly crocheted or did other needle crafts, but not knitting. It was a gift. About 15 years back I found one at a library sale for 50 cents. I bought it for my daughter because between the two of us, we were wearing my copy out. If the book hasn’t been updated by now, it should be. Newer pictures and techniques could be included. I’m sure it would be a top seller.

I inherited this from my mother. I will have to look through it again. I didn’t realize it had patterns.:cheering:

I have the one my mom had that was published in 1979! I like it. I pulled it out on Friday and was thumbing through and saw the section on blackwork. I bought a picture of a dragon that is done in blackwork but couldn’t figure out how to start it. Now I have a guide. :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’ll use it to teach my Girl Scout troop how to do various needlework including knitting and crochet. :slight_smile: They can earn a patch for learning it. :slight_smile:

OMG. I’m so jealous of you people that got yours for mere quarters. I think I paid something like $25 for mine. Granted I got it a two years ago, but still.

I have it and use it quite often…bought it about 10 yrs. ago from a used book store…excellent reference!

Just got mine for .99 + 2.50 shipping(and 14 other books) from “Atlanta Book Company”. Which runs thro “Alibris”. They are all used books, but thats ok.

The old smell makes it moar awesome. :slight_smile:

eta: Mine’s the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework from 1979 and I think I paid $4.99 for it a few years back…mine is in amazing condition!