I have the now well known Anthropologie type shrug/capelet pattern and want to knit it for my size 2 almost daughter-in-law. I know that the small/medium will be too big so how do I adjust the pattern for her tiny frame? I can’t measure her cause it’s a surprize. Her sweaters are usually xtra small. Thanks.
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Have you seen [color=blue]this[/color] thread?

I don’t know what the pattern calls for in terms of yarn weight and needle size, but this lady made it for a little lady. Check it out…

Hope this helps some…you may have to experiment [read:swatch] with different sizes of needles & weights of yarn…


Good Luck!

Well, there are only two measurements you need – the neck circumference, measured around the collar bone, which gives you the # of sts. to cast-on,and the upper arm circumference, which gives you the measurement for the the sleeve.

Maybe you could find an XS sweater that would fit her and measure the collar and the sleeve?

Thank you both so much! I may Google some xtra small ready made sweater and see if measurements are given. I also read last night somewhere on the net something about subtracting the stitches per inch in the gauge from the smallest cast on in the pattern down in increments to approximate the next size down. Make any sense??? Maybe I could just make one that would fit my upper leg!! :roflhard:

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I would probably go ahead and knit the small but if the gauge was supposed to be say 4spi, I’d use the same CO, numbers, etc but knit it with smaller needles and/or smaller yarn to come up with about 5 spi instead. That way you wouldn’t really need to do any “conversion”.

Thank you so much Kemp. I have some very pretty Cascade Luna that has a gauge of 4spi with a US 7. That will give me one more spi than the pattern. I will try that. I appreciate everyone’s help. :heart:

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