Re: Help a beginner, please

Can someone tell me why my scarf is curling? It won’t lay flat. Is it the yarn? Am I knitting too tightly?
Thanks for your help!

Are you knitting in stockinette stitch? (knit one row, purl one row) If so, that’s your problem…stockinette always curls. You need to doa garter stitch border (all knit stitches) in order for it to lay flat.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am knitting, purling, knitting, purling because this is just really a practice scarf. My first. I have a lot to learn! I love this site and am so grateful for a forum! So when I’m done with this, I will just knit a scarf, no purling.

that isn’t really what she is saying (though i admit garter stitch scarves are my favorite because they are easy work to do when i am doing other things too).

When you say you are knitting purling knitting purling do you mean you are kniting one row purling one row, or do you mean you are knitting one stitch purling one stitch.

If you are doing them by the rows that is stockinette and it will curl. If that is the case you should do maybe three or four rows of all knit stitch at the beginning and the end to help avoid that (and maybe a few knit stitches at the beginning and end of each row).

If you are knit purl every other stitch then that is a different issue because that pattern shouldn’t curl and it is possible you are knitting too tight. Do you have any trouble moving the yarn on the needles or getting the needles in the stitch?

My guess would be if this is a practice scarf you are probably doing stockinette and you just recitfy that with a border.

I am knitting one row, then purling one row, etc. So, I think that’s the problem. I have no clue how to do a border but I’ll look for a video. And I didn’t know you could knit a few stitches at the end of a purl row. Love this site!
Thanks so much.

Yup…to knit a garter border, just knit 4 stitches (or however many you’d like) at the beginning and end of each row, whether it’s a knit row or a purl row. It will look sort of like this, but not so blurry. :wink:

yeah there is no real trick to it and i don’t think a video either that i can recall. basically if you are knitting your row you just knit the whole thing.

If you are purling it you knit the first 4 (to continue Julie’s example) then move the yarn to the front and start purling as normal until you get to the last four stitches. Then move the yarn to the back again and knit the last four. If you need help remembering you can put a stitch holder on each end to remind you.

as far as having a border on the top and bottom ends, just knit the first four rows (or however wide you want the border) and when you have it about as long as you want knit the last 4 rows…easy peasy…

You guys are great. Thanks again. (Can I add the border stitches after the fact of need to incorporate them from the get-go?)
Uh…What’s a stitch holder? Now, I won’t bother you any more today!

ugh i am sorry…i meant stitch marker. i bought a little box of them at hobby lobby next to the needles and stuff. i think people use all sorts of stuff for markers though.

i have seen posts where people have added a border after the fact buuuut i am new enough to have no idea how to do that…lol