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hi all :slight_smile:
i asked a question about the matress stich…
i want to sew the sides of a tank top,do i sew it right sides together or wrong sides together?

If you are using mattress stitch, you will put the two pieces side by side with the right sides facing up. This will put the visible part of the seam on the inside of the garment when all is said and done.

so its right sides facing each other so the seams will be hidden?
i think thats what u meant:)
thanx again

Well, sort of. You don’t hold the two items with the right sides together like you would do if you were sewing something with a machine, for example. With mattress stitch, the seaming is done from the right side of the work, so placing the two pieces side by side on a flat surface with the right sides facing up is what you want to do. Have you see Amy’s video here: about half way down the page? It might make it clearer for you than my description.