"Re-casting on" after yarn slips off needle

I just started knitting, learning from a DVD. I learned how to cast on and start a simple, basic piece using the “english” style. When I was on my first row after casting on, one or two “loops” slipped off the needle and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back on to continue knitting, so I unravelled the whole thing. It seems so simple for it to slip off, so I’m sure it must happen all the time to knitters, and it seems there must be a way to get it back on without starting over. Any help is appreciated!!

Welcome to knitting and fixing mistakes! :wink:

If the loop comes off and nothing unravels, you can just slip it back on.
If the stitch ‘runs’–loses a few stitches and moves down your knitting, you can fix it with a crochet hook. In fact, Amy has several ways to fix mistakes in the Basic Techniques/more section above. They’re very helpful, because we ALL make mistakes.

I’ve had the same question…the crochet hook works well for re-capturing stitches several rows into your work, but what if the actual cast-on stitch falls off and unloops? I’ve had it happen when I’m a row or 2 into a project, so I end up unraveling the whole thing, like Aimee.

If the cast on comes off, I redo, also.