Raw Alpaca

[color=indigo]I purchased almost 2 lbs of raw alpaca yesterday at, of all places, our local Renaissance Festival. It’s not too dirty, some VM, but really pretty clean. Is there anything I need to know about cleaning alpaca vs cleaning raw wool? I’ve washed raw wool before so I have the process, just need to know if alpaca requires any special care.[/color]

I hope not, cuz I don’t clean anything any different. I’d say it just needs less cleaning than wool.

I don’t wash my alpaca until after it’s spun. It doesn’t really need it since it should only be a bit dusty, whereas wool is greasy. If you don’t mind the dust, just prepare it and spin it up first, then wash the hanks of yarn. It’s a lot easier that way. :slight_smile:

[color=indigo]Thanks, Silver. After playing with it for awhile, that’s kinda the conclusion I came to, too. I’ll wash it when I block the yarn. :teehee: [/color]