RAVISH- understanding Kim hargreaves patterns

I am having hard time to understand Kim hargreaves directions. Just bought 2 of her books and I must learn her knitting language.
I am working now on Ravish. Made it through to the front neck and armhole with a help of a friend bow we are both confused. Directions say:
" Dec 1 at at neck edge of next 6 rows and at the same time dec 1 stat Armhole edge of 2nd and 1 follow 4th
Work 1 row ending with WS row
Now working neck decreases in same way at armhole decreases, dec 1 st at neck edge of next foll 9 alt rows then on 2 foll 4th rows then on 4 foll 6th rows.
I am making the xs size this is in the book Ravish pg 58.
Thanks for any help. I love her designs and want to knit so many of them and must learn her way of writing patterns. …

Welcome to KH!

You’re right that you sometimes have to become accustomed to the way a designer writes patterns. As much as patterns are standardized, there’s still an individual style.
Decrease at the neck edge on row 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Dec at the armhole edge on rows 2 and 6. Then work 1 row ending with a WS row.
The “next foll 9” is a little odd but dec at the neck on rows 8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22 and 24 then on rows 28 and 32 and finally rows 38,44,50 and 56.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I am still a bit confused regarding the directions. Does it mean the I need to dec for neck on both WS an RS? Which type of dec would you do?Also, do you have any idea why she use k2tog tbl instead of SSK?
Thanks again. :heart:

Yes, decrease on both RS and WS where the decreases are on the next 6 rows for example.

I like the decreases to follow the slope of the neck or armhole. You don’t have to work it that way but see if you like it. That means that the armhole dec on the left shoulder (left as you wear the top) slants to the left \ (ssk) and the neck dec slants right / (k2tog). Work the opposite on the right shoulder, ssk at the neck, k2tog at the armhole. So the result is
armhole /_ \ neck_/_\ armhole

The designer’s preference is k2tog tbl but if you prefer ssk (I do) go ahead and substitute.
This is going to be a very pretty top. Enjoy finishing the project and post a photo, please!

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