I was just wondering how many people here know of Ravelry.com? It really is a fantastic resource for patterns, yarns, and groups for help as well.

I love ravelry.com! So many patterns,so little time.


The only ones I come across that don’t know are new knitters and a few who don’t really use computers much. I get 99% of my patterns there. Most websites practically want your identity before they’ll hand over a free pattern so I often just skip them.

As for the groups…yes they can be useful. Unfortunately they take away a lot of KH members. For social and knitting help I come here because it’s always been friendly and helpful. I do follow a low carb group and a few TV show groups. The others I’ve got were more for research most of the time. Where you been? :wink:


I am on Ravelry. I agree it is a good site. I don’t use it much.

Honestly, I LOVE Ravelry !! It is such a fun place to meet other knitters/crocheters and find new patterns… you can join groups based on your interests… I can be on Ravelry for hours… I hardly ever use my FB account anymore :slight_smile:

Umm, Ravelry…! :blush: I’ve also been rather poorly this year so not anywhere much.

Sorry to hear you’re not well! Hope you feel better soon! And please hang with us, too. :slight_smile:

Yes, I often use Ravelry. I also use knittingfool.com which lets you search stitch patterns by the number of stitches wide and also by the number of rows to complete. You can also look at them by content: such as you are looking for leaves, or a different way to make bobbles. Or you are working on squares and your square isn’t wide enough so you can find a cable which is similar but has more stitches.

What I find is that I use free patterns as much as possible. But even when you pay for a pattern, you may not be fond of one of the elements. So it is a great tool from being able to make substitutions. Some of the patterns are charted, and then have written instructions, but most just have written instructions and a picture.

It isn’t a place for getting a pattern for a cardigan, but if you have a cardigan you’ve knit and you want different cables on it, it will give your tried and true pattern a complete face lift. That way you KNOW your knitting will fit, so long as you are using the same brand of yarn, size of needles and didn’t change your knitting style.

Lot’s of people have had surgery lately I am finding, like me too. Had my gallbladder out in March. Still having pain so I am going to see if I can find other people who I can get ideas of what is easy to digest. I am so wishing to feel like me again.

Yup, hoping be back in action sooner rather than later - getting bored stuck in the house! - and hoping to be posting more too. Summer is coming though so should help as I can get the dogs out more and spend some time on the beach :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! Will have to put that in my bookmarks! Hope you feel better soon, surgery does tend to knock you around a bit.

Thank you for the good wishes. I am feeling better, but have to watch additives in food now, wow, couldn’t figure out hives and it was sucralose in my cereal. I get headaches from MSG at Chinese restaurants and the chemistry to make the sweetener is similar. I am a label reader, but glossed over “sucralose”, I saw what I thought was “sucrose” which is another name for table sugar. Very tricky and for those who are sensitive, you can’t figure out “now why did I get sick when I was doing all I could to eat right!?!” Need extra fiber since my surgery and thought I’d eat Fiber One cereal. If I only ate it once in a blue moon, no problem, but it was easy to do daily.