Ravelry question

I just discovered the “Organize” tab on the Projects, Queue, and Favorites pages in Ravelry and have been working on setting mine up. While doing so I looked at the “no deadlines” tab on my Queue page. The text on the page says “Queued projects that have a “finish by” date will appear on this tab.”. My question…shouldn’t the title of the Tab be “Deadlines” based on the text on the page? Or am I misunderstanding something? [I]which is [B]highly [/B]possible[/I]

ETA: AHA!!..decided to play around with it (since those Ravelry folks are usually on top of their game). Turns out as you add deadlines to queued projects, the title of the tab changes. Add a deadline to an item, tab title changes to “1 deadline”. Add a deadline to another item, tab title changes to “2 deadlines” and so forth. Funny thing though is that on the Deadline tab, the items are still listed in queue number order, not in order by the deadline date and there is no option to sort them into deadline date order. So if queue item 1 has a deadline date of April 10 and queue item 2 has a deadline date of March 5, on the Deadline tab queue item 1 is still listed before queue item 2. Would like to have the option to sort them by deadline date on the Deadline tab. May just suggest that.

That’s how I read it, too. Unless I too am reading it wrong I think the wording got messed up. Trust me, someone will say something to them. :teehee:

Interesting - I’ve found ravelry far less helpful than this website, so rarely go there anymore.

:noway: I don’t spend much time in groups…KH is WAY better, but it’s invaluable for finding yarns and patterns. At least for me…and my mod duties. :teehee:

I love Ravelry for that too, Jan. it’s my first resource for yarn info, patterns, etc. For help though, I come here. :slight_smile:

I’ve not used it for much except looking for patterns. I do have a few things stored in my library so maybe I’ll find them again. IMO…Ravelry is for patterns, if I need to know how to do something, it’s Knitting Help.

The knitting/crocheting groups on Ravelry are very active. For instance, the Charity Knitting group has sent 1430 items to different charities in the month of January alone.

Our Maine group is much smaller in number but we still manage to turn out a respectable number of items.


I dunno why it won’t sort the items based on the new dates OP plugged in. That might be worthy of sending the creators a comment if it doesn’t straighten up and fly right.

I mainly use Ravelry for patterns, too, and I’ve also inputted all my knitting and crochet books and magazines in the library. This is particularly helpful for the e-mags that I have. I include notes for each e-magazine about the patterns I like; then I don’t have to sort through three year’s worth of publications (which is tedious when you have to open every one and scroll to the projects page).

I also discovered not too long ago that when I “search by patterns in library,” it will include patterns from the e-mags, too (and as long as someone has uploaded an image of the project–original or otherwise–I can see a picture of it). This also keeps me from having to open every PDF version.

I’ve used Ravelry to look up a specific yarn and see what kinds of projects people have made with it. Reading their notes can give me an idea if a yarn has a nice drape or if it’s difficult to work with or whatever.

I’m sure Ravelry has lots of other great uses; I just haven’t figured them out yet!

It depends what you’re looking for. There’s tons of information, but you need to be specific in searching, or sift through a lot of it. It’s great to see what a pattern will look like when knit, or what a yarn looks like in a porjcet.

I am active in the groups, mostly the ones on specific techniques, and several on my ‘don’t miss’ TV shows. I only use Yarn, Patterns and Techniques of the main big 6 groups that everyone gets subscribed to. Those 3 don’t get nasty very much, and if they do, a mod will shut down a thread.

Me too! Really, its just stressy! Well, it is nice to look up patterns but I had to stop using the queue and project stuff. I was giving myself panic attacks trying to complete projects as quickly as possible.

I don’t worry about it. I have plenty of projects not completed on there. I use it as a way to keep track of what needle size, yarn and changes I used for each project and boy has that come in handy!

Trying to figure :?? out all the things there stressed me. :zombie: It’s great for patterns, for me. I’m glad there are lots of features to allow all of us to use what we want. :thumbsup:

Right now I’m stalling on making a pattern decision. Maybe there are too many to choose from? :teehee:

I also have that problem on Patternfish. My wish list on that site is huge!

The purpose of the queue is more to index patterns you like, there’s no deadline to finish them, just whenever you get around to it. You might like the Favorites better, where you can sticky patterns and projects you’d like to do. Or put patterns in your Library to go back to later. I’ve got hundreds of patterns in both my queue and favorites and I doubt I’ll get around to most of them, I just use it as a reference for later when I’m looking for something to make.

I don’t post completed projects on Rav (nor do I use the queue), but I do try to keep a record of different gauges I get with different needles and yarn. I know some of you don’t need to do this because you already know this information for any needles/yarns you might use. I, on the other hand, have to have something to look back at.