Ravelry pictures?!

Does anyone else have problems with their pictures on ravelry? When I drag flickr pictures, it doesnt’ center them at all. the right side of my pictures are all chopped off. It says “drag arrow icon to re center” But I cant! :cry:

If you put your mouse over the pic, a little icon will show up – a square with four arrows on it. If you click on that, you can re-center.

The thumbnails will always be a bit off, but when people click on your projects they can see the full pictures. :smiley:

According to the Ravelry site, it’s designed for Firefox. If you’re using another web browser, it might not work. I tried adjusting some pics on my Mac at work, and the internet browser on that computer (Safari) didn’t let me move pictures.

Ah! Thats the problem. Guess I’ll adjust how I take my pictures. I love my Mac :inlove:!!!