Ravelry patterns

What is up with some of the weird patterns. I don’t mean just clothing because God knows some of those are bizarre, but like this… a Cheez-it… really? They had to post these patterns?


I know they have every right to do so, but it’s a serious waste of space IMO. :doh:

Hey, you never know when you might need a knitted breast or knitted sushi or knitted poop. :slight_smile:

Here’s one for you:

I am right there with you, Jan? What are they thinking?

Like they say…it takes all kinds…

Gah!:shock: That one needs a disclaimer!? Egad…

O.M.G Marilyn! Eeeeuuuugh.

Sweet! I’ve always wanted to knit poop! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with ya - while I like to have fun with my knitting, this isn’t my definition of fun …

I have a friend that makes all sorts of yarn/felt food for her daughter’s kitchen. I can see her making the Cheezit. As for the others…HUH?

:passedout: lordy

If she has play food for her play kitchen why not play poop for her play bathroom?

Her pretend husband could be sitting in the play living room eating the play cheezits watching football and she can yell at him for not flushing.

That’s true, but part of my point is do we really need a pattern for it? :??

Some people have waaaaay tooooo much time on there hands! :whoosh:

I agree that some people have wat too much time on their hands. What will future generations think of knitting!!!

shrugs I guess there is probaby a small demand for such things…

I am personally saddened by the one knitter who had all her Dr. Who stuff taken off due to the BBC…I really want the adipose pattern…I could make one up…but I love the one from the pattern…!

I thought I read somewhere that she was working with them to get them licensed to sell. Maybe that’s a different person, but I thought I read somewhere that someone had a line of patterns that had taken them down and was working with the producers to get them “official” and sold (with a kickback of course!).

Ok, I’d be a little afraid of knitting Cheez-its. Can you imagine one of those getting mixed up in the party bowl? It would be like coughing up a hairball!

As for the poop,



Why not serve edible ones?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


Here’s one for you:

And it took 23 pictures to share that one with us. Could be useful for someone I guess who was studying cannibals and needed a shrunken head for a demo. As your ex—kind of unkind. :slight_smile:

I like knitted food but a cheese cracker should be pretty basic, maybe the little dimple in the middle might be something to share.

The poo. There are always people out there who like this sort of thing. :lol: