Ravelry log in issue?

Up until today when I click on my Ravelry link it took me to my own page. Now it takes me to a main page that says I am logged in and to click so I do then I still have to go to the tabs to get to may page. I thought possibly the URL had changed so I redid the one in my link, but it still happens. I use what I believe is the latest version of Firefox and I cleared my cache. Is anyone else having problems?

I always get the Ravelry log in page, never my own. The only difference I notice is that now I get a little box that tells me I’m already signed on and asks if I want to continue to Ravelry.

Yep ! me too . It is a bit of a pain to be honest but i am sure i will get used to it .

I always get the page with the tabs (says “Where my stitches at” at the top), unless I’ve been logged out by an update. Then I get the log in page. I never put it directly to my page, so can’t say if it’s changed or not.

Okay, I did a test. I changed my links to have it go directly to my page. From a desktop icon, it led me to the log in page you have described. From my bookmark bar, it brought me to my page. My usual page is the one you get after clicking on the box on the log in page, which is why I didn’t see any changes.

It must be the upgrade to Firefox; I avoided it for a while, but we had to reinstall programs and I forgot to tell it not to ask me, so when I clicked on Later when it wanted to install the new version, it did next time I opened it. I don’t use links much, I just type in rav… in the url bar and it pops up with the most visited pages that begin with that. But it takes me to the front page now, too. Not really as fast.

I use Safari on my mac and I’m having the same issue with Ravelry, too. I noticed it a couple of days ago.

Same thing here… but it is only one click, so no big deal.

Not for me, I have to click on the first link to enter, then either click another or retype in the url bar.

Two clicks. It’s not a big deal, but annoying. I liked being able to just click my bookmark and go to my page.

I’m getting the same thing as a lot of you so I guess it’s not just me. :hug:

And they’re using different browsers, so I guess it’s a change in the site.

It started about two days ago. Can’t say it bothers me as long as I don’t have to type in my name and password each time. I’m just guessing that it’s part of the process of transition from a beta site to a full-fledged public site.

Yes, Jan. I’ve been getting the same thing for two days.
It says [I]I am logged in[/I] as Artlady. I can click the tab and go to my ABOUT ME homepage without entering my password, etc.

While I had my ABOUT ME main page open in Firefox…I went up to Tools>Options>Main>Startup>When Firefox Starts (show my home page)>Home Page (use current page)>OK.

I’m going to test if that fixes the problem.

Otherwise, my thinking is this: maybe it is a Ravelry “quirk” at this time that is being ‘worked on’…or, if it’s an “on purpose”, maybe they want to force us to look at something else before we can get to what we came for.

I’ve had other buggy issues with Ravelry. For instance, my website box quit displaying the homepage for my persoanl knitting website. You could click it and go there…but the window box for it on my ABOUT ME page was black. I notice others were having the same issue.

Changing your homepage in FF changes the first page that loads when you open your browser. It doesn’t change the page for an individual site.

I’ve had my ABOUT ME homepage set as my FF “homepage” for a long time. However, just yesterday, when I clicked the FF icon in my QUICKLAUNCH tray, it wasn’t taking me straight to my pre-selected homepage. It was taking me to a general Ravelry page. So, I re-traced my steps (as mentioned above), making my ABOUT ME page [U]my FF homepage[/U]…and it seems to have worked.

I also have a quick link in my FF Bookmarks Toolbar…it is set to take me straight to my ABOUT ME page…and it is working correctly.

I have noticed in the past, that if I am logged in on this Studio 17 'puter…and try to open my Ravelry homepage on my Dimension 'puter, I have to log in again on the Dimension 'puter. And it is sitting to my right hand, plugged into the same DSL modem. :??

Oh okay, if you had that as the browser page… There’s a rav thread about it; it’s a temporary measure so nonmembers can get to the ministore for the holidays. So I guess we just have to put up with it until January. Unless Casey figures out a way for the members to go directly to the page they want to.

About the different computers… check to make sure you’re set up the same, allow cookies, check Remember Me, etc.

I posted a msg in the help forum about it and it’s happening to others as well. Soo… I still don’t see why members should have an issue though. We should still be able to get the page normally. Weird.

Ravlery has been doing that to me also. Before it always took me to the Ravelry home page and now it keeps taking me to the log-in page. It gives me my screen name, but I have to click continue on to Ravelry.

I dunno, maybe it is a way for them to cut down on spam or something.

No, it’s because the store is open to nonmembers. Though today I had to log in, we’ll see if it’s a reset and they fixed it.