Ravelry is killing me! :)

I must at all costs avoid checking patterns and KAL groups on
Ravelry!! I just found another 10 or so patterns to add to my
queue plus another KAL to sign up for. Why must life be so
hard! :rofl:

Libbie :slight_smile:

I have dozens and dozens of patterns from there. Thats the only thing I use ravelry for. That and post my designs…BTW…What is KAL?

Knit Along. My queue is growing too. Maybe cuz I’m younger than you both, I’ll be able to do my projects all before I die??? wishful thinking :teehee:


Just plan to live a long time. That’s the only possible way I’ll ever finish my queue! :teehee:

Its killing me too! Oh, I have favorited so MANY patterns and refuse to que them until I OWN the yarn! The sheer number of beautiful shrugs out there is killing me! If I have my way I’ll have one for every day of the week! and then some. I just can’t help surfing it. And people said I would be addicted to wow. Looks like it took something simpler that that, two sticks, some yarn, and an invite to ravelry!

This is slightly off-topic, but do any of you know how to more quickly join Ravelry? I submitted a request to join and they said that it would be about 3 days before I got an email invite, but nothing so far. It has only been about 3 days today. Should I just wait a little longer? I want to join. :slight_smile:

Me toooooooo!

I currently have 82 things queued. And more that I am going to queue right now.

I need the job to buy yarn (and pay bills, and feed kids etc.), but it does cut into the knitting time…

My mom just signed up a couple of weeks ago- it took her less than a week to get on (I was on the list WAY longer than that!)

You can go on the waiting list checker to see where you are on the list from the home page.

You will love it!

Thanks! I just checked and 1,334 people are still ahead of me, so I guess I’ll just have to be patient. :nails:

Believe it or not- that isn’t too bad. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it goes.

Patience, little camper! :teehee: :wink:

At least it’s helping me attempt to get my holiday knitting in order… or so I would like to think!:roflhard:

hmmm…yes, I’d like to think it’s helping me stay in order although
I finally gave up trying to put my queue in any sort of order as I just
pick a project that I’m in the mood for haha…

Bad bad bad me, I decided to go see what some of the rest of you
were queuing up sigh my list grew again! haha…of course,
of all teh addictions out there, knitting and knitting pattern queuing
are really pretty innocent! Just don’t tell anyone I sneak on the
computer in the wee hours of the morning ot have some peace and
quiet to knit and find more things to knit shhhhh

libbie :slight_smile:

Also check your junk mail folder for your invite. Sometimes emails think its spam.

I just got my invite and signed up! Yay!!!

I am a sucker for patterns and end up filling notebooks full. I should hope I live long enough to go through the stacks.

This made me think of a way to immortality…make a deal with the
devil “As soon as I’ve knit all the knitting patterns I want to, my
soul is yours” hehe…I’d never die!

Libbie :slight_smile:

I certainly don’t want to be condescending to youth, but may I point out that you also have longer to ADD projects to your queue?!!!:rofl:

LOL :roflhard:

I have to say… I had the Ravelry window open all day yesterday at work behind everything else and I have spent way too much time already adding groups, posting on boards, looking at patterns, and updating my stash/inventory.