Ravelry 80-26 Poncho Air lux

Hello Knitters, I am trying to start knitting this Poncho . The pattern has me confused. I do not know whether to purl the first and last 2 stitches in the pattern. Somehow it just does not work out. On the pattern graph the brackets indicate knit purl only the first two stitches & not the last ??? .I have tried a dozen times. Casting on 116 stitches is getting to me. I would love to get some help from a knitting aficionado . Many thanks Luise

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Yes, purl the first and the last 2sts on the odd number rows. The 28sts in between (horizontal brackets, R) are the pattern repeat. There’ll be 4 pattern repeats between the initial and final 2 purl sts.

Thank you so much for your help. I am a a novice knitter & pattern graphs are still a bit scary. Had many tries & hope now I can really begin properly. Regards Luise

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Good for you for venturing into pattern with graphs. They are a very helpful visual representation of the stitch pattern and worth figuring out. Enjoy working the poncho and if you run into problems, come on back. We’d love to see this project when you finish!