I just know I need Classic Elite Blythe from Webs. It is 100% baby camel. They only have 17 skeins left of the color I like. If I order 10 skeins with a total of 1280 yards that would most likely be enough for a small sized (women’s 4-6) sweater, right? I don’t have a pattern picked out yet, but this yarn is calling me. My husbanad doesn’t hear it… he just thinks it is calling out expensive.


Well, it’s like this…if the yarn is calling out to you…you gotta get it :teehee:

I firmly believe you should always listen to what the voices in your head are telling you to do. :slight_smile:

Now I’m off to go see what this yarn is like. :slight_smile:

:psst: Candice, Candice, why can’t I come home with you?
I was made just for you.
Pretty please. :pray:

Seeing as how camel fiber is my absolute favorite at the moment, I cannot possibly be biased about this. :wink: Buy the yarn.

Not buying camel fiber? and it’s on sale! Come on, those cuties worked hard to produce that yarn just for you. How could you dissappoint them?

Who among us doesn’t listen to the yarn? You MUST obey the yarn! :wink:

It’s my experience that HUSBANDS rarely hear the CALL OF THE YARN. I believe their ears are more tuned to the CALL OF THE WILD…and that’s okay–we’ll respect that for them, and they need to respect our CALL as we do theirs!

You answered yourself in your very first sentence. You need this yarn. I was taught in school that you have a choice about the things you want, but the things you need, you have to have. Get it!