Random Stripe Generator


Had fun fooling around with this:oops: oops … sorry… I mean investigating the possible colourway combinations in relation to design elements in modern knitting trends.


Have fun, anyway - whatever you choose to call it:thumbsup:

I have this bookmarked and used it to figure out the colors I wanted for my bag. :wink:

For a possibly more difficult, but geekily fun, mathematical pattern, have you seen Fibonacci sequence knitting?


Hi Millyandnans

Wow! That is an AMAZING sequence. I’ve bookmarked it and will chew it over alot more - it’s most definitely worth a shout :yay:on this little cardigan I’m starting and other projects.

Thanks very much. :thumbsup:

i love the stripe generator- so fun! (ok, i need to get a life!!) and the fibronacci stuff is fascinating to me. thanks!

That is cool, but…:zombie:

LOL Jan. One thing that counts as a Fibonacci sequence is to take any number IN the sequence, as there are only set numbers allowed, and use them randomly. So if you memorize a few of the smaller ones or like pick 3, you know, it doesn’t have to keep increasing.

My friend says when the numbers get really large it creates THE most pleasing pattern to the eye, but I don’t think it would work for knitting. Maybe if it were stitch by stitch? Stitch by stitch would be cute in crochet spirals, maybe.

That sounds like a good idea. I’m making a baby sweater so how would numbers be arranged so it works pleasingly? They would go in sequence up and down right?


I am mathematically challenged… :shifty: