Random Question for Amy

First off, I love your website. There really isn’t anything out there, that I’ve seen so far, like it.

My question is about something I was reading in your “About Me” section.

  1. I buy organic food when I can, and even avoid new cotton clothes, because of the (VERY) high pesticide use in cotton. (I buy used clothes, and organic cotton, and, when I need to, regular new cotton.)

Is there less pesticides in used clothes? What is the difference between “new cotton” clothes and “regular new cotton”?

Also, do you know somewhere I could read up on this?

Thanks so much :thumbsup:


Hi jupiterjessica!

The idea behind buying used clothing is to avoid buying new non-organic cotton. It’s the same idea as just treating my clothes as well as I can so they last longer. The more use you get out of old clothes, even if they were created with pesticides, the less new clothes and pesticides are supported and purchased. A lot of used clothes don’t get bought, they just end up being trashed or recycled. I figure if I buy a used shirt, that’s one less new item I’ll be buying and supporting.

I don’t know any great sources of info off hand; but you could try a google search. The statistics, if I recall correctly are:
–Cotton is the number 1 pesticide-using crop in this country. It’s also typically a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).
–It takes 17 teaspoons of pesticides, and I forget how many teaspoons of fertilizers, for a single cotton t-shirt that’s not organic. For a set of sheets, it’s a staggering amount. Like 1 1/2 gallons (or pounds?) of pesticides. Sorry I can’t recall all the stats exactly. I think I have them on my personal site, www.amyfinlay.com, in the enviromentalism section.

As far as where to find organic clothes, you can search on the greenpages at Coop America’s site. Also, I just read that Bono has created a line of “ethically produced,” clothing, not sure if this means organic. Probably expensive, but the styles seem great; hip clothes, not just hippie clothes. :wink:

Thanks for asking! :happydance:

SOMEONE’s a fellow member of Greenpeace!! :wink:

Here is a link to an article about Bono’s clothing line


[color=violet]ya know, i gotta say…it was the “about me” section and the personal site that make me keep hanging around here. The info is amazing but i was so happy to find someone running it who seems to think a lot like i do! living in Nebraska i often feel like i am in a sea of people who just don’t get why they should care.[/color]

Thanks for the link, JJ! So the clothes are organic, great! Hmmm, Saks 5th Ave, though, a bit out of my range! I’ll pay twice as much for organic cotton; but I don’t think I can do $170 jeans! (I can dream though! I’d have a great excuse to buy them, if ever I find myself with a load of cash and in NYC. :pray:)

Thanks Brendajos. :thumbsup:


Must. Resist. Bono. Jeans. Must…fight…