Random Loose Stitch at End of Row

Okay, I’m a brand new knitter. I’m using a DVD-ROM to teach myself. When I started, I was holding the needles “wrong” and eventually, my fingers and wrists were killing me. So I went back to watch how they were holding them in the video and tried to imitate that. My hands don’t hurt now, but I noticed a new problem, not sure if its related or if there’s something else going on.

I’m just doing a basic knit stitch, doing some garter stitch, so I can just get that very basic stitch down-pat. I’m a tight knitter I have discovered, probably part of my pain. Anywho, since changing to the “correct” way to hold the needles, I’ve noticed that the stitch at the end of each row becomes ridiculously loose, and gets worse as I go along. I’m using a worsted weight yarn (Caron) and I believe either a size 8 or 10 needle, can’t remeber off the top of my head, but its whatever the video suggested. (I’m so green in the knitting world its not even funny)

Anyone have any ideas? I could take a picture if its not clear what’s happening.

Thanks all

hmm… I’m trying to think of why that last stitch might get looser and looser and I can’t think of why.
I think it’s normal for the last stitch to be a little wonky, but not ridiculously huge.
Can you post a pic for us?

I’m a pretty tight knitter too and I think I know what you mean. I get the same problem with the random giganto first stitch, but it’s never given me any problems and I don’t have any issue with gauge or loose stitches.

I’ve been knitting for several months now and have a few projects under my belt, and I’ve finally acquired a good tension through practice and I STILL have the random gigantor stitch at the beginning of every row.

Maybe it’s something you can learn to control? I know from my experience that I can’t, even when I start off with a slipknot before casting on, so I don’t let it bother me.

i am having the same problems too.

I think seeing an image would be great.

You can tighten up that last stitch by making the first stitch on the next row a little tighter. Knit your row, turn then insert your needle into the first stitch, (knit or purl according to your pattern) and wrap the yarn accordingly and give a little tug and pull your yarn through. Do the same thing for stitch number 2. This should tighten up that wonky loose stitch on the proceeding row.

You would have to knit it a little bit tighter each time or sometimes if I find it is too loose I will take the stitch pull it, twist it and put it on the needle. It will show you have two stiches in one. I would knit those two stitches together just to get it tighter. Give it a try, it might work for you. I hope I explained myself clearly.