Ran out of yarn in the bind off?

I didn’t realize how little yarn I had left and I started the bind off to see if I could make it but I don’t have enough yarn. I only have about 3 inches of yarn and I think 16 stitches left. This is my first knitting project. I am making a scarf and so I don’t know how to fix this. Any help please!!

Unless you have more yarn you’ll need to take out the part you’ve bound off and the last row of knitting. Since you made it almost all the way with what you had that last row will give you enough to finish it off properly.

I don’t know what stitch you’re doing so not sure how to tell you to take out the last row. With the knit and purl stitch though you can just take out one row at a time by sticking the other needle into the stitch directly below the one on the needle and the pull out the yarn. With purls it’s a little more fiddly, but not hard.

Oh I’m sorry, yeah it is the knit stitch for the whole scarf. Man I wish your post made sense to me lol… That’s the part I don’t know how to do is how do I remove one row and get back into the knitting? Ugh…I might have to take it to the Hancock Fabrics where I shop and see if some one there can help me. Thank you though for your suggestion. I will keep reading it and see if I can put to action! Thank You!

The Yarn Harlot has a fix for this. You can bind off using a crochet hook and no yarn at all. It’s an emergency fix when you run out at the end like you did.


It doesn’t really work that well. When you crochet the remaining sts they’re very tight. I’ve done that BO and found that if I knit the last row with a needle about 3 sizes bigger than I knit the rest of the piece, it can work, but it’s just too tight otherwise.

Here’s how to tink back -


Slowly working backwards unwork your stitches one at a time by sticking the right needle into the completed stitch on the left needle then slowly and gently pull the yarn out of the st. Then on to the next st. Make sure your sts are leaning the correct direction. I find this the easiest way to unravel a long amount of sts.

If you ask there might be someone here that has enough yarn to complete the whole BO row plus a little extra. You could unravel the BO and part of the last row. Add the yarn , finish the last row with the new amount added and then work the BO again or another BO that uses less yarn. This way where the yarn is added shouldn’t show. I hope I explained that clearly.

I find it easier to unknit a row with the needles in the same hands as I knit them - put the L needle into the st below the one on the R needle and take out the sts off the R needle.

I do, too. I know people that turn the knitting around and it seems more confusing that way.