Ran out of yarn and I can't find anymore!

Hello! I am currently knitting a baby blanket for a friend. I bought two of the Bernat Baby Blanket balls and am almost to the end of the second. I went out to buy more and I cannot find it anywhere in town! I have looked online and I believe it is discontinued. My question is, what should I do? Should I buy some of the same brand and finish the blanket like that? I really, really, really don’t know if I have the patience and strength to unravel all of this and start anew! I have 120 stitches cast on and I know it isn’t long enough, nor will it be long enough at the end of this ball, to cast off. I’ve attached pictures!

That’s pretty. Could you use a coordinating solid color and finish the end, then pick up stitches at the beginning to add on to it and make the ends match?

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What is the name of the yarn??

Ravelry lists several kinds of Baby Blanket (including one that is discontinued):

If you click on the one that is your weight, you’ll see a link to stashes on the right. You can search that for the color you’re interested in. Perhaps someone would be willing to sell or trade the yarn in their stash.

GG’s idea is god onw, to finish each end in a complementary color of similar yarn.

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Please post the exact name of the yarn you are using AND the color!!! I have a few blankets made with that yarn and if I’ve got what you need, I could either:

  1. Unravel some skeins and wind it up again and ship it to you.

  2. Just send you the whole blanket and you could unravel it yourself and use it.

Let me know the name/color of your yarn


Thank you all so much for your responses! I made this account just to seek out some help. I took it to my Nanny (she hasn’t knit a blanket in quite a long time) and we are going to use the brand I have and patch work some of the Bernat baby blanket brand together to make it longer. You guys are awesome and so kind to offer me up the yarn itself! I couldn’t ask that of you! Thank you for the advice though. I was quite sad earlier to run out; I’ve only made one other blanket and had plenty of yarn and for the most part I only make scarves, booties, and hats, and have made a bunny before. The prospect of not having enough yarn was a bit overwhelming!

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It happens and we’ve all been there. Glad you and Nanny have a solution!

Now I think about it some more, to really make the ends match I think I’d go ahead and bind off the end and pick up stitches on both ends. If I had more than one color I might go for stripes or something. Turn an oops! into an opportunity to do something different and fun. If you don’t mind seaming you could do narrow-ish strips of stripes and attach to the ends so that they’re going the other direction. I guess attach as you go would possible.

I’m glad you and your grandmother came up with a solution.

The same thing happened to me many years ago. I was knitting a jumper for my then fiancé and ran out of yarn before I got it finished. It had taken me quite a while to get to that point and the lady in the shop where I had bought the yarn scolded me for not coming sooner as the particular lot I had bought had been discontinued. I felt suitably chagrined. I bought some contrasting yarn and finished the jumper off with that.


Funnily enough, I thought the same thing. I had never done that before and I think on one end I picked it up from the opposite end so the stitches were very, very tight. I popped two, but was able to fix that as well. Here is the finished product! https://imgur.com/a/szwO9

The yarn I had was off white compared to the yarn with the blue in it, but it was the same type of yarn and the grey matched. I think it is very cute, to be completely honest. I have only ever done one other blanket and it was a small receiving blanket I made for my cousin a few years back!

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I’ve done similar. I don’t like mistakes and try to see them as opportunities. Right now I’m playing yarn chicken, hoping I’ll get 3/4 sleeves on a cardi I’m making up as I go. I was sure I had another skein but can’t find it. Contrasting yarn isn’t an option this time. I got my Lamb’s Pride wool/mohair from Little Knits and they seemed to have one color that I don’t want last time I checked. I won’t pay full price either. I’m stingy as well as grumpy. lol