Raising and narrowing a neckline knitted in the round

I wonder if you will be able to help or give advice, please? I have knitted a pullover for my partner, using the Brooklyn Tweed pattern Cobblestone, second size, 43.5" chest.
It is a fantastic pattern and a great pleasure to knit - I am really happy with the results.
However, my partner would be even more delighted with his new sweater if the neckline could be a little less shallow and could finish closer to his throat - he usually wears a T-shirt underneath pullovers and does not want too much of it to show at the neckline.

I have unpicked the bind off edge and have unravelled the last 5 rounds of knit stitch that create a rolled over neckline. I have 76 stitches and am knitting in the round. The whole garment is knittted in the round with arms joined in and a knitted yoke. I am trying to work out how best to make the neckline higher and narrower before binding off again. Should I knit someshort rows and knit and purl rounds before decreasing or should I simply knit more rounds with some decreases then knit the 5 knit rounds and bind off? The mathematics involved is defeating me! I am an experienced knitter but haven’t yet tried adapting patterns by myself - I don’t want to get in a muddle or make a drastic error!
I would be truly grateful if you could advise me how best to sort out my problem and if you can, to tell me how the maths would work - i.e., I probably need a bit of spoon-feeding! Sue Tanton

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This sweater already has some short rows? I would increase the number of rows either before or after the short rows by a few rows before working the rolled over collar.

Thank you! I was also thinking that I would knit several more rounds and decrease before the rollover and cast off, but wasn’t sure how often to decrease. I have 76 stitches at the moment - how many do you think I should aim to get down to and how often should I decrease? It’s working out the maths that I’m not very good at! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re going to have to take a guess at this. How much smaller do you want the neck to be. How much higher should it go?
You might put in a lifeline here and give it a try. If it doesn’t work (not high enough, too high) you can always take the neck back to the lifeline and try again.
The first method here is perhaps what you need. The video is about two-thirds of the way down the page.

Thank you! The lifeline sounds a really good idea and I will try that. Thank you for the link. I think the neckline needs to be higher by about two inches which is going to be about 10 rows. In was thinking I would decrease on maybe row 5 and row 9 (both knit rows) but wasn’t sure how much to decrease by. The last time I decreased was every 8th stitch (which left 4 stitches just to knit at end of round). So I’m trying to work out how many stitches would be best to end up with and then how to get to that! I’m
A teacher, but you can tell my subject isn’t maths! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Goodness - you brave lady! I wish you well and am glad that you are still knitting! Keep safe! :kissing_heart: