Rainbow Squares Blanket

This is an afghan from the book “Easy Afghans for Knitters”, which I found from the Royal Yarns International website. The yarn I used was Plymouth Encore Rimini Rainbow. It was very easy to do; the pattern calls for knitting 24 squares in stockinette stitch, the sewing them together using a backstitch seam.

Very very nice x

That looks great!

I was looking to buy that book not that long ago! Lovely afghan! How is the rest of the book?

Lovely looking afghan! Great work!!!

That looks like the blanket everyone will want to snuggle under.

Wow…that is so pretty! :inlove: Nice and colorful!

Very pretty!!! So soft and snuggly looking!

What a beautiful afghan, You did a wnderful job on it !!

Looks absolutely lovely!

It’s pretty :slight_smile:

Wow! So colorful and it looks huge! How big is the FO? (If I may ask?) It looks large enough to snuggle under! :teehee:

:yay: very pretty… looks very soft and cozy

Very pretty. Bet it kept you warm while you were knitting it. Love projects like that, plan at least one for each winter.

pretty! Looks nice and cozy!

Pretty colors, and it looks so soft!

That is very pretty.

That is beautiful!

beautiful work! is it soft, too?

There are a lot of beautiful afghans in this book. The patterns look easy to follow, too.