Raglan Sweater

I’m taking a knitting class and knitting my 1st raglan-sleeve sweater. My class is Tue evenings. Last Tue, I began shaping the neck. I had 60 stitches on the needle. I worked 19, put 22 on a stitch holder, then worked 19. Then, I began working both sides at the same time. I didn’t finish this until I was home after class. I continued until I had 3 stitches on each needle (per the pattern). I was left with one stitch on each needle. The pattern says to put the remaining stitches on a pin. It did not say how many stitches should be remaining. Does one stitch on each needle sound right?

Next question: Since I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what to expect. The front (the section I’m working on) now comes up to two points on each side with 22 stitches on a stitch holder beteen those points. Is that right? How does that attach to the back?

I am a visual learner. I wish I had a photo documenting each step in the process!

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, since I wont see my knitting instructor until 03/11/08.


That sounds fine.

After you do the back and sleeves and sew them all together, you’ll be using the stitches on the holders and pins and picking up stitches along the decreases at the neckline to make the collar.