Raglan sweater pattern

Hi folks, new to knitting and trying an easy sweater having had some Chirstmas success with scarves and hats. The pattern is the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chuncky Adult Raglan Sleeve Pullover. I’m at the point of doing the neck shaping and am confused by the instructions as follows: "Neck Shaping Cont to work Raglan armhole shaping as for back, join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off centre 8 sts. Working both sides at once, dec 1 st…etc. I know how to bind off, but I don’t understand the concept of binding off centre 8 sts, where I am supposed to join the 2nd ball of yarn and how I could then work both sides at once if I have bound off stitches in the middle? I’m sure this will be clear once explained, but right now, I’m stuck. Your help would be appreciated.

Could you share a link to the pattern? There are so many raglan patterns that it helps us out to see which one.

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Thanks. Glad to be here. Link to pattern below. Thx.


I can never remember my password to the Lionbrand site, but the directions sound like almost every other sweater.

What you’re going to do is make the front of the neck lower than in the back. In order to do that, you knit across to the center 8 stitches. Then, using a second ball of yarn, bind off the center 8 and finish the row.

Now you’ll have two strands attached to work each side of the neck. You work one, drop that strand and work the other, both on the same needles and at the same time so you know that they’ll be the exact same length.

Well that just makes all the sense in the world now. You are just wonderful. PS. Your tag line, “Trust the pattern” helped me get through my first two simple sweaters for two of my grandchildren. Thanks so much.