Raglan Sweater n Cap

i would like to work on the pattern Raglan Sweater and Cap
but on the very start i’m a bit confused i so used to going by how many knits or rows i suppose to knit with this sweater

Work even in garter st (knit each row) until 2 purl ridges on right side

now let’s see if i got this right work in garter st. until 2 ridges on right side. for how many rows do i do this
the pattern is on this websight under preemie
my first sweater on my own.

             thanks fancyface.

This little sweater is knit from the neck down. So the garter stitch ridges are the neckband. To get two ridges you knit 4 rows. The rule is two rows make a ridge.

Work even in garter st (knit each row) until 2 purl ridges on right side.
(RS) Button hole - k2, YO, k2tog, k across.

If you cast on and then your first row is the right side, you would knit that first row, then two more and you will be back to the right side facing for the next row which they give as the “RS Button hole” row in those instructions above.

The body of the sweater is in stockinette, and the edges are garter (knit every row).

thank u so much i wasnt sure on the ridgets. i have no experience with knitting sweaters n i’m glad i turned to this site for help. fancyface.

I just noticed I said that wrong. You want 4 rows to take you back to the right side row and to get the 4 for the ridges. That is what I thought I had said, but on reading this again I see I didn’t say that. Sorry.

Row 1: Knit, RS
Row 2: Knit, WS
Row 3: Knit, RS
Row 4: Knit, WS
Now you are ready to begin a right side row.