Raglan Sweater Help

Hello friendly knitters…I am new here!:grphug:
I am in DESPERATE need of some help with a baby Raglan sweater knit from the bottom up. So far I have the front and back of the body knit up to the arm hole beginnings, I also have both arms finished and the underarm stitches BO. Now I am suppossed to be stating on the whole Raglan decrease and I have no idea. I dont know where to seperate my work and stitch mark it off and I just pretty much dont know anywhere to go from here. Iff someone could please give me a general idea of where to start and what to connect…the pattern isnt makin much sence at all…Thanks ladies in advance!!!

K, first things first hun, breathe… go to your happy place… breathe some more… awww that’s better.:slight_smile:

Do you have a link or a picture or can you post the part of the instructions that are giving you probs? That would help us get started on knowing where the problem is.
Couple of questions for ya, Do you work the sleeve in at the same time you are knitting to front and the back? Or, do you seam the sleeves on later after you’ve knitted the body?

LOL…I know I need too!! Well I started doing it and realized I Was TOTALLY wrong now I have to rip some stitches(which makes me want to have an anxiety attack…lol). Ok the instructions are…Work all pieces in the correct order(right front, sleeve, back, sleeve, left front) = 264 stitches total. Place a marker at each of the 4 joins. Work STst with natural and dec for raglan as follows. Work to 3 sts before each marker, sl 1, k1, psso, k2, k2tog. Repeat the decs every other round then divide woth at center-back for slit. Work back and forth and continue raglan decrease 3 times on RS row…Ok Im outta breath…lol

just place a marker where you have the beginning of your round, and on each side of your sleeve stitches where you joined them to be knitted with the body. Pieces of contrasting yarn work great for this. Then you would decrease just as the pattern stated. When you get to the slit for the neckline, just go back and forth on your circs and continue shaping like the pattern says. You should be good to go.

So I am still knitting in the round then? I am not sure how the arms get attached. Should I have alread knit 1 round to connect the bind off stitches on the underside of the sleeves to the bind off stitches on each side of the body of the sweater?

To attach the arms, knit across the front, knit the 1st sleeve sts from their holder, knit the back sts, then knit the 2nd sleeve sts from their holder. The underarm sts usually get sewn/grafted together (body to sleeve) after you’re done.

I still am so flippin confused. I dont understand why I can’t get this. Ok…after I knit the sleeves my pattern said to sit each finished sleeve to the side…so both of my sleeves are still on needles with the 8 underarm stitches BO. Here is what I did, and I know it is wrong, I attached the BO stitches on both sleeves to the BO stitches on the body of the sweater. Then I seperated the fron of the sweter evenly with a marker to start my round. So I knit the first half of the front then skipped the BO stitches and started knitting around the first sleeve but it wouldnt fit, like the yarn wouldnt stretch to do it. I am so confused!

You don’t attach the BO sts until later. It won’t fit because the sleeves are curved around from being joined at the underarm. Take out those sts and leave them, then join the `live’ sts, the ones on your needles and on the holders.

K hun, take a deep breath n we’ll get through this.
I found a link that explains HOW to do this in the round from the bottom up.
Go to the link I’m gonna put in and then hit “popup pattern” you will get a little window that has the directions. She goes into how to do the slit also. I know it’s for a mans sweater but it is the same concept. It explains the construction for you. So here’s the link…

AHH thank you so much…I believe it is finally makin some sense now!

Thank you so much for the link!!! I read over the pattern and I think I MIGHT know what Im doing now…lol. IT makes alot more sence knwo that I just put everthing on 1 needle and then knit from there, because I have like 5 needles involved here…haha.

Ahhh, yes. You need to have everything on just one. Helps a lot…

Ok so I havent had time to knit lately and I am just getting to those stupid sleeves…lol. SO I started in the front left half of the sweater, knit across, then got to the BO stitches, that is were I started connecting the live stitches from the sleeve, I knit all around the sleeve but had a problem stretching those last 6 stitches to fit onto the round…lol…I somehow feel like I am STILL doing it wrong…any advice?

Is your cable too long for what you are working on?

No I dont think so…I am including some pictures because I think Ive messed it up in such an odd way that nobody knows what Im talking about…lol. On the left needle is the body of the sweater and on the right needle is were I knit/attached the sleeve. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG AHHH!!

Ok it is not letting me put the pictures up here…urghhhh.

I don’t have a shutterfly account, and it is asking me to log in before viewing. Maybe someone with an account will be able to see it.

Did you try to knit all the way around the sleeve on a needle that holds the bodice of your sweater? I think you would only knit one pass across the top of the sleeve and then keep going to the back of the bodice.

OOps I guess this is a reglan sleeve, so I don’t think that this advice works. Hopefully someone else will see it.

It is very awkward when you first connect the sleeves to the body. Hang in there. A few more rows and it’ll be fine.

Humm I Didnt think about that…lol. Ok I think I will continue n see if that helps!!! THANKS!