Raglan sleeves

Hoping someone can help.
Just finished a Sarah Hatton ‘trendy tweed’ pattern and am ready to sew up to do the collar.
Problem is the sleeves are longer than the front and back by a couple of inches and I having never done this before I am not sure if that is right (and if it is how do I seam in) or if (as I suspect) there was a mistake with the pattern and I have to rip them back a little.
The pattern was in Simply Knitting Oct '11 issue if anyone can please advise?
Many thanks

Here’s at least a pictureof the sweater. You can check the pattern itself for the number and rows for decreases at the fronts, back and sleeves. They should match up or be very close. Make sure the you’ve done the decreases at the correct rows and that your measurements match any schematics that may be in the pattern (especially for fronts and back). If it all looks good except the sleeve length, you may have to rip back on the sleeve and figure out how to get the correct number of decreases into the length of sleeve cap that you need.
Come back with more questions if you need help with that.

Thank you, I think there’s a problem with the pattern, it will be easy enough to rip them back should only affect 1 stitch either side.
Just to be clear, the sleeve for raglan should be the same length from the first shaping as the front and back then??

Yes, you need to be able to line up the raglan edges of the sleeve with the back on one edge and the front on the other edge. So for most patterns, the raglan edges on the back and the fronts are the same and they match the sleeve edges. That way, you can seam up to the neckband and have a continuous line around the neck for the collar stitches.

Thanks so much - Sunday night spent ripping for me!

We’ve all had those nights! Try it with one sleeve at a time and keep good notes.

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