Raglan shaping

Can someone help me? I am making the Brownstitch Caridgan and for the Raglan Shaping it says :
Rw 1 (RS) *k to marker, m-1 R, sm, K2,sm,m1-L:repeat from * 3 times, k to end
Rw 2 (WS) p to end

I followed this and the right side of the cardigan is way to narrow, should I have actually increased 4 times not 3?

Yep. :pensive: But an additional repeat would only have added two more stitches, right? Was it the same error in all the following rows, too?

Is this a cardigan by The Brown Stitch store on Ravelry? Maybe this one?

Or this one?

Can you please link to the pattern give us the name? (Don’t post the pattern here other than the link) It helps us help you if we know what you’re making and can see the pattern.